Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I had to post this after Chris Brown's humbling moment at Sunday's BET Awards. Is Rhianna trying to clarify something to Chris. She did love you. "Te Amo"

Kudos to Matt Kemp. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Gold Digger

Photograph by Ng Sok Eng
Clothing Abyzz by Desmond Yang 

Those are some killer shoes. I love the gold heel detail. OMG! Made by Serendipity. A prom shoe line. However any true fashionista knows no one defines style for them. Style is a personal thing and those shoes make this entire pic. They are the only items I can't seem to take my eyes of off. Spectacular.

Eshe! ( Thank you)

 It's Asakeoge. A Ready To Wear line out of London. These are awesome. I'm not sure if the yellow print maxi is my favorite or just maybe the black mini # . I like them all.

It's obvious maximizing a woman's femininity is the ultimate goal. 
But here's the treat , you can place your order directly from them 

Tel# 44 75 344 218 22

The yellow maxi print dress is my favorite!!!


Happy Friday.
You can never have too many awesome clothes. 

Louis Vuitton, My Guilty Pleasure

   Emma Watson

When we think festival, we think carefree, sexy and bohemian. Harry Potter actress,Emma Watson applied this style philosophy at the Glastonbury Music Festival held in London today when she chose to rock a Louis Vuitton corset in a questionable weather. For one it was raining and cold.

Blame it on the adrenaline.  It's a music festival.

M.I.A unmasked for GQ


Sometimes, we forget stars are just like us, human beings who've also have their share of obstacles to overcome. Maya, aka. M.I.A. grew up without a father and she had this to say to GQ about the experience , 
“England gave me a free education,” she explains, “but my grades suffered because I didn’t have my dad to help me."
Thankfully all that is behind her now, she is engaged to Benjamin Brewer, heir to the Seagrams fortune and also son of CEO of Warner Music. She is also first time mother to a gorgeous lil' boy , Ikhid Brewer.  Yeah, you are reading it right. Most stars are true artists at heart, so don't expect , "John" as a name for their offspring. You are better off guessing " Apple " as actress Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter.

So what is Maya up to? Why is she making headlines left right and center?  publicity, might be your first guess or the HARD tour might be the second guess.  She's always been a perfect mix of street style matched with undeniable political substance. With that said at any given moment, expect to see M.I.A in the news, Missing In Action so not her style.

and.....  This is my favorite piece from her.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paging Lee

Ziad Ghanem Couture Wedding Gown
Photo by Ram Shegrill

 London designer, Ziad Ghanem has a design concept  that reminds me of late designer, Alexander " Lee" McQueen designs. They are other-wordly, fierce, echoing  an undeniable underground vibe. No wonder Ziad's been called  the " Cult Couturier". Just heard of this line today and I am already a die-hard follower.

Who would've thunk it ? A wedding gown with edge, not the simple traditional wedding dress, but this. damn! Prince Charming, where art thou? If one existed, this is the dress I will pledge my eternal love to him, in. 

Another super cool stuff about Ziad Ghanem designs is his usage of recycled materials. Very eco-friendly.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Amber Monroe

Amber Rose is one fierce Marilyn. Oh la, la. Just about every female celebrity has a Marilyn Monroe-esque pictorial, but by far, Amber makes the best Monroe. And she has her adequately proportioned hour glass figure to thank for it. YRB Magazine made an intelligent choice in featuring this amazing beauty, Amber Rose, Kanye's lady love and sometimes rumored female lover of Nicki Minaj.

 photographed by Mike Ruiz
YRB Magazine

"I don't look at myself as [a celebrity]. I'm just a dope chick from South Philly!”-Amber Rose
Yeah. you can say that again . 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

goodness graciousness.
this is such a WICKED beat.
the video is not what i care for
rather it's the lovely chemistry
between Drake and Timbaland.

Project Awesome.

Da Freshest Bespoke Line

The Emmy Collins London Spring/Summer 2011 line is fresh. This is the preview.  Designer, Emmy Collins is one fresh designer and I understand and love his style philosophy which centers around the glamorizing of the male subject with bow ties, plaid dress shirts, bespoke pants & suits. I mean , wow! This guy is genius. This is funk at it's best.  His use of vibrant colors clearly says designer Emmy Collins is not be fucks with when it comes to understanding the secret language colors Bespoke style.

Designer Emmy Collins models his line . And he looks good. 
Emmy Collins London S/S 2011

Brian Friedman of London's X-Factor in Emmy Collins London S/S 2011 line

Emmy Collins London S/S 2011 : love the bow tie. so fresh 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

RECYCLED Collection

        Alexander McQueen Fall 2009

Last year , when late designer, Alexander McQueen decided to name his Fall 2009 Collection , The Art of Recycling and Throw-Away Habit of the Fashion Industry , magazines , stores were a bit weary the line won't sell. Since, it appeared the designer was mocking the industry which catapulted him to success. 

But, ahem, Alexander McQueen knew what he was doing. Some of the designs were actually made of aluminum cans, trash bags as head pieces. There was poetry and drama in the unveiling of this truly fashionable collection .  Here we are, Spring 2010 and these designs are still on people's lips. Who is the King of The Art of Recycling now? Alexander. The Great Designer. Wow, such genius.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

LOVE Cole by Samantha Cole

British designer, Samantha Cole has done it again with her new line aimed at the very Bohemian woman. Known for her high end designs, it is sooooooo refreshing to see LOVE COLE by Samantha Cole. I can see myself in this. This is a very practical line. Aya ya yai! Samantha Cole's name in the fashion industry is becoming synonymous with quality, good taste delivered with precision. Lots of grays and trust me gray is a sexy color.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Elegantly Ruffled

Muoy Caliente!  Guess Who's Coming to Dinner actress, Zoe Saldana looks luscious in this Max Mara dress. Are we loving the ruffle details or is it the strategically placed ribbon as a belt. This is yum. yum YUM.

Zoe Saldana at the WIF Awards

Did I mention? She also won Face of the Future award.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Donna! Donna! Donna!

Designer, Donna Karen photographed for CFDA Awards journal
lovely photograph.