Monday, April 18, 2011

Is Nicki Minaj the new queen of Hip Hop?

Minaj is amazing. I guess between her tug of war with Lil' Kim on who the best MC is, it's quite amazing she not only dated Kanye' Ex-Lady love,Amber Rose, but is a superstar Hip Hop star in her very own right. Does Amber Rose have a thing for the musically inclined?

This Amber Rose.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wowwy Over OPI Nail Care

 OPI Somoan Sand

It's Sunday and it's nail day. I love to start each new week with fresh new nail polish and yes, you guessed it a manicure and pedicure. Last week I chose the yellow OPI nail polish and it was simply divine . So, why am I writing of OPI , when there are a million other nail polish brands, I could have featured on Make Una Tell Am? Well, my manicurist uses OPI and while selecting nail polish for today, I couldn't help but to notice just how much OPI nail polish brand they used and I did have a lovely experience last week with my bright yellow OPI manicure and pedicure. Hence the birth of this post was actualized.

OPI Red Nail Lacquer

It's hard to believe that OPI has only been in existence since 1981! It's a family owned business and the first company to exclusively sell their nail polish brand to strictly Beauty Professionals. They also stand apart from all other nail polish manufacturer because of their highly recognizable philanthropic involvement in the community, both locally and worldwide. 

OPI Yellow Nail Lacquer
To date, OPI and the Foundation have donated millions of dollars to charities worldwide, most notably the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, City of Hope, Gilda’s Club Worldwide, the Leukemia Research Foundation, the National Kidney Foundation, Oceana, Pamper Me Pink (a fundraiser for children with irritable bowel disease), Project HOPE International, Rock the Vote, and the Starlight / Starbright Children’s Foundation, among others. ~ OPI
OPI China Glaze Spellbound nail polish
OPI yellow nail polish

 For the best nail lacquer in the nail polish industry, go OPI. Stars like Katy Perry, Rhianna and even tennis champ, Serena Williams are loyal OPI clients. Why not. OPI is the leading nail polish manufacturer to date. I recommend trying  the OPI soak for the feet and hands, in addition to the OPI Soften cream if appreciate eco-friendly products. Look good, Feel good, Be good.

" Elegance is good taste, plus a dash of daring " ~Carmel Snow.

 In case you are still a bit unsure of how to paint your nails, Click here and watch the tutorial! :-)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Toni Braxton's REALITY show

Toni Braxton has a new Reality TV show on WETV network! Well, actually it's a reality TV show based on the the day to day drama amongst Toni and her 4 sisters! Whoa. Yes, Toni comes from a big family and I have always loved Toni. They are all singers and it's just that one became really famous singing and has 6 Grammy Awards to show for it.   I find that so awesome. This is a healthy family dynamic. No matter what, they all still come together.Nonetheless, love Toni and her sisters!

By the way, Tamar is a definite show stopper. Love Trina's demeanor as well. So , my favorite sisters are Toni, Tamar and Trina. Towanda  appears to have an inferiority complex when it comes to being identified as Toni's sister. It' always sad that an idiot has to be somewhere in  the mix.  Tune in on April 12th 9PM/8PM CENTRAL on the WE network.  I wonder if the show will give more awareness to Autism. One of Toni's sons is Autistic.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drippin' Self Awareness

Life is right in any case.

Empty your mind, empty the mirror~ Zen

Ever pondered the cause of envy and senseless hatred rampant in the world?  I have. Which has led me to the conclusion that only miserable people cause misery. Hurt people hurt people. As straight to the point as the former sentence is, some may still not understand the saying. Recall a time when you were happy, just happy, you probably found yourself not only being genuinely happy, but also making everyone who crossed your path also happy. This is the essential meaning of hurt people hurt people.

And for those who want more happiness, then , " empty your mind, empty the mirror" and  taste the blissful experience of each single moment.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Morning World! Listening to this right now on Power 106 FM.

Miu Miu Stitched Platform Sandals

This is so adorable. I am a sandals junkie. I love sandals. Especially well- made, heavily stitched, and platform.I remember  my mother's photo album circa 1960' and the numerous photographs of platform stitched sandals and simply wanting to teleport those awesome platforms to modern day.  Well, lucky for us, Miuccia Prada delivered the perfect sandal in these Miu Miu  heavily stitched platform sandals .

I love the double buckle on the double ankle strap of this sandal. It's well made and I heart the cutout and semi circular cutout straps which extends down the vamp of this heavily stitched sandal.

These shoes retail at $595 at Barney's New York and SaksFifthAvenue It comes in Mallard Blue, Cream and Brown. 
Depending on where you choose to purchase these awesome sandals, you may be able to save a whopping 
$119 of the $595 retail price tag.

 Miu Miu Stiched Platform Sandals in Brown

I believe in love,
I believe in style,
Stitched sandals, 
with padded insole,
Leather  DOUBLE ankle strap adorned,
double gold buckles
Make me believe in , 
in shoe heaven.  

                            "Life's a stage", so it's best to look good while you're on it." ~ Miu Miu motto.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tatjana Patitz

Tatjana Patitiz
(From Far L )Stephanie Seymour, Cindy Crawford, Tatjana,Christy Turlington  & Naomi Campbell .

 T. Patitz

German born, Swedish raised supermodel, Tatjana Patitz , is one of the world's most notable models of the 20th century. Her tiger blue eyes are deeply mesmerizing. There is so much intensity to Tatjana. She is one of the 5 Legendary--------- UBER famous Supermodels.

It's not that they were ' sucky' models to begin with, because they inspired, they were beautiful, wild, gave meaning  to fashion, clothes, glamour and freedom. In fact George Michael's video, " Freedom " features the first Supermodels! Tatiana, Christy, Naomi, Linda, Stephanie, Claudia and Helena were all featured in his video and I believe , Kristen McNanamey....uber, uber, super models! And they were celebrated and continue to be celebrated.  This is what women want. Real women representing them.

Some may say, 'what about Kate Moss?'  Well, she arrived in the grunge waif fashion era. The Supermodels in the time of Tatjana Patitiz were fashion goddesses. And as Tatjana mentioned in her interview The Guardian, regarding perception of weight and size during her Era. Is this the reason why they were so inspiring that they were really swimming in the ocean of freedom?

" Everyone was a [size] eight or 10," says Patitz. "The girls were healthy. Sometimes you watched what you ate, but that was more for health reasons than to be really thin. I never starved myself."-Tatiana Patitiz in her candid interview with the Guardian.

They were already Supermodels, however that title became a solid reality when they all allegedly
gave themselves a raise in salary,  by demanding not to get out of bed for
for less than $10,000! And they were real women. or just women with excellent genes, who can eat whatever they like and still be models. Supermodels !

And like Naomi Campbell, her fashion career began in her teens. And somehow, they all survived the vices of mega success at such a young age.  If you are a true Fashionista, then you should know all about Tatjana. Karl Lagerfeld, the godfather of fashion has once described Patitz as his muse. She has appeared in coveted campaigns for Chanel, DeMarchier, Dior, Donna Karan, Bulgari, Calvin Klein , etc. .

Conceptual artist, Charles Ray has credited Tatjana's beauty as the impetus of  his photographic project for Prakett Magazine, aptly titled The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. 

The Most Beautiful Woman In the World by Charles Ray

   Azzedine Alaia, Helmut Lang, Jill Sander, Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Valentino, Donna Karan, Todd Oldham, Comme Des Garcons, Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel have all worked with Patitz and continue to hail her as one the most beautiful models to ever grace their catwalk in their clothes. Love to Tati!

Risque Naomi

 Harper's Bazaar- Naomi
Naomi in an Herb Ritt's pictorial
Flawlessly, SUPER model ------Naomi

       Naomi's beauty is so timeless and continues to inspire us all. She is the black Madonna of Fashion World. Innovative, refreshing, risque and beautiful all at once. This is MakeUnaTellAm 's Ode to Naomi.

Lighter Skin By Any Means Necessary?

I could not stop feeling so sad for these women. However, I personally know dark women who hate the skin they were born in. Is there an underlying psychological disorder to this perception? Based on this video clip, undoubtedly , there is an underlying psychological disorder and it is called insecurity. Being a Nigerian woman, there are so many Nigerian women who bleach their skin and I wonder if these women ever notice their blotchy and unnatural skin tone after the use of bleaching creams. Two of the most active ingredients found in bleaching creams are Arsenic and Mercury. Arsenic is poison and Mercury,when used in copious amounts can actually shut down one's kidneys.In all honestly, there is nothing gorgeous about bleached skin. It's sickening. Ladies, please love the skin you were born in. STOP BLEACHING YOUR SKIN!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Print Me Boho

Ever since I heard of Jewel by Lisa, I have been a die-hard fan and supporter. And for rightful raison! It's such a unique line and my wardrobe is filled with majority of Jewel By Lisa designs. This is an ideal line for artists and fashion forward fashionistas or in the Jewel By Lisa style dictionary, a Jewelette! I love head designer, Lisa Folawiyo's interpretation of all things Ankara ,Print and her daring mixture of silk, embellishments, beading and more than anything her genius placement of embellishment on the collar of some of her designs. I guess, I am holding on for dear life, until she decides to make suits for women!

As usual, I am such a sucker for beauty, I am almost a beauty glutton. Bwahahahaha! It was very tough to choose a minimum # of designs to post on this blog. And as I write this, I am leaning towards posting every single design of hers ranging from her Autumn/Winter 2011and Spring/Summer 2011, which I adore. But hey, everything in sweet moderation, abi? lol . It's Spring season and just this once, we should do like Romans  in Rome and adhere to tradition.

Enjoy my beauties.

 Jewel By Lisa S/S 2011
PhotoCredit : Jewel By Lisa

This is the perfect line for all Bohemian princesses and queens. The Wrap Dress is simply presh. But I'll be lying if I neglected the Body Con dress at the very top. Ah yum . yum. YUM. So where can you place your orders? It depends. If you are in Los Angeles, a simple trip to Zainab on Melrose Avenue will score you a Jewel By Lisa thread. If not in L.A, you can visit Temple Muse and place your order there. Enjoy! What's not to enjoy!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Versace Mid Riff Tribal Print Top and Pencil Skirt w/ Tribal Print Waistband.

Wauv! This look would also look great with tight Capri pants with the same tribal print inspired waistband. Now the bangs are heart worthy, but when you style with this, feel free to opt for a tight upward bun or even a shorter bob.

Heart Chronicles by Mistress

Good Morning Everyone! It took me 6 whole months to be where I am today, this moment and I am so grateful. A common denominator present in creative minds is their sharp sensitivity to life. This sensitivity can take the form of happiness which serves as a strong catalyst for joyful creativity ( my native language)or it can take the form of pain which in turn produces lack of energy to write, to do. Obviously part of this human experience is that we all have good , bad and really terrible experiences. I had one of those traumatic experiences and I thought and feared I'd never get well. It is the first day of April and I am so grateful to feel like me again . Along with this feeling, comes a sense of confidence and optimism about life. Optimism I wasn't so sure I'd ever feel again. I can only be thankful. I consider this a second chance to 'chase my dreams and beat them into submission. '  I will also post more articles concerning life experiences, filed under the life lessons folder At the moment, I am considering starting a secondary more personal blog. Still not sure, but more than likely I will start a new blog also accessible via MakeUnaTellAm. Listening to the song below at the moment. Press play, you might like it. The lyrics is not what I care for rather the awesome beats and engineering.