Thursday, April 29, 2010

She's a Gypsy

To make a statement,  it pays to be bold. As an African woman accessorizing with bangles, head gears is just like breathing. I was raised in a culture which embraces the use of these accessories daily. Here I am in Los Angeles,I am unafraid to go a little overboard with bangles. For instance, you can style jean pants and tee shirt (V-Neck or Scoop Neck ) with gold or silver bangles or even hand made bangles and to add a signature, wear a head dress. Everyone will remember what you wore and more than likely mark you as a trendsetter. I wonder when Kim Kardshian will get a bit more gutsy in regards to Avant Garde fashion styling.

Sophie Mueller, I PHOTOG

Who shot ya Miss Adu?  The Silver Bronze effect of this album cover is too electric for words. But, I dae try sha. Give me flower, give me color, give me sunflower. Sade is a breadth of fresh air and the photographer just made album cover history. The genius responsible for clicking the release button on her camera ,at the perfect moment goes by Mueller, Sophie Mueller, I PHOTOG. By day she is a very successful video director and  has directed videos for No Doubt, Garbage , ( yup, that's Gavin Rossdale's band, Mr. Gwen Stefani ) , Annie Lennox, Eurythmics and many more. We seriously heart this. 

 "Baby Love" is the next single off Sade's Soldier of Love album .And mental note: May 4th is the official release date for the Official Music video at the very center of this artistically inspiring cover.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back it Up

The web is on fire over  Big Love actress, Amanda Seyfried's decision to wear her Bodyamir cocktail dress backwards at the premier of her new movie Mother & Child . You be the judge. Did she get it right or wrong? I personally think she made a brilliant choice. I would've done the same . Must have a little something to do with my newfound obsession with full zipper on my mini's. Love full side zippers on spandex pants as well....zippers are simply seductive.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Desert Gold::

ah yum yum .....they say a picture is worth a 1000 words and this photograph is worth much more . It's more like it's worth an infinite amount of good words .

                                                     Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2010
 Cropped Tuxedo Cut jacket covered in miniature gold sequins.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


photo cred: lookbook  

I rocked  an ensemble very similar to this, except I added a grey blazer. 

How much more flirty can it get with this. This is boyish chic. Totally give her two mad THUMBS up for the inclusion of the Louis Vuitton vintage belt. Ladies, this is how you can flip a relatively simple casual style into the Fabulousity lane. No one will question your  boho style intution.

I am regretting not going to the Melrose flea market right now. Great finds. Met shoedesigner Kenneth Cole there , Winona Ryder, Eva from America's Next Top Model, Helena Christensen, and many more. These designers , models we love to adore,  draw inspiration from the universal well of organic creativity. Los Angeles is a hypnotic town .

This is definitely Style We Heart .

Friday, April 16, 2010


photo cred : Elle
                Lili Orellana sports the ultimate laid back /ultra sexy boyfriend shirt gone boho chic. I'm sure you want to try this at home. Make sure the button down boyfriend shirt you use, is at least 2 sizes up. Accessorizing with a skinny belt works and so does a crotched medium size belt, or even medium sized brown leather belt. It's best to always add a belt when rocking Boyfriend shirts as a dress. Here's the real shocker, you can turn  it up with high heel sandals. Adds flavor to it.  Make it colorful . Bohemian style consists of showing the different complimentary ranges of the color palette.

Give Your Boyfriend Shirt a try as a shirt dress. i think you'll love it .

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the sweetest spring

yes, love's the word .I really love the Halo Video, omg, And actor, Michael Ealy, yup, Halle Berry's ex looks so good in this . This is such a beautiful song. Fashion and Music make a lovely blend.

Sweet Dreams

Friday, April 9, 2010

Manically Vivienne

Ladies ........Vivienne Westwood's new Spring/Summer 2010 Collection  Anglomania, is on fire!!! There is something for you regardless of what your style philosophy is.  Okay, so you have a little more meat , you can opt for the wide legged, sword pants. Anglomania  revives the little girl in all of us, you know the part of us that loves playing dress up. What! more could any red blood fashionista ask for ? Flirty minis, lots of ruffles, wide legged pants, layered tulle skirts, lots of drapery detail on most of the items. Spring is a time for renewal, regrowth and it's obvious Vivienne authentically understands the significance of rebirth.

We are loving the playfulness of this line , especially knot detail  and drapery on many of the items.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ijinle Collection by WeWe Clothing

I love Africa and I am super happy Ankara is making a comeback and a fierce one at that. WeWe Clothing, a relatively young fashion house, specializing in bohemian clothing for the most precious in every society, the WeWe's pronounced " weh-weh", a yoruba term meaning " Little Ones" , has just unveiled its long anticipated collection, the Ijinle Collection which means " roots " . Wow, if this is what it means to be chic, afrocentric chic, then we are in good company.

What I love about this line is head designer/owner Folake Kuye Huntoon's immense love for designing precious, unique, African-inspired line, any fashion forward parent would undoubtedly want their "pekin", (means "small child" in pidgin english)/child to be seen in .

Skip the daily Target routine, and opt for at least one WeWe Clothing  item for your son , daughter, niece, or nephew and within 24 hours , he or she will be branded fashion icon by his or her peers.
WeWe's clientele include actress Marcia Cross, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry , and ofcourse every other cool mom who knows what it really means to pass on their awesome style 6th sense to their children.

Ijinle Collection consists of harem pants, colorful tunics, Kimono dresses, and ofcourse some basic Tee's for your WeWe. The most cool part, Ijinle collection is recession friendly . For under $20 you can add a WeWe Clothing design to your son or daughter's closet .

 Ijinle collection consists of timeless designs, made with the best materials . Your son or daughter can pass it on to his or her younger siblings. MAKEUNATELLAM strongly recommends shopping WeWe Clothing. Your "weh-weh" will thank you for it .

Lanre Harem Pants $19.99/V-Neck tee $9.99

Shade Tie Dye Tunic $17.99
loving the bow details of the tights as well .

Ameenah Kimono Dress $31.99

Ameenah Tie Dye Kimono. $31.99

Lanre Harem Pants

Kemmy Butterfly Top $17.99/pink Lanre Harem Pants $19.99

Black Femi Pyramid Tunic $19.99 also available in red.

Kemmy Butterfly Tops $17.99

Okay cool parents. This has been a lovely MakeUnaTellAm moment.

Dress me in Stella

Stella McCartney Silk Cotton Rai Dress

You know what I love about Stella McCartney ? Her organic talent. This Silk Cotton Rai Dress is expertly tailored.  Check out the sharp cuff details in the bust area of this simple and elegant dress. You can easily wear this to the office by adding a blazer to this piece.

Ankara in Madrid

OMG! should I just leave it there? Never! MakeUnaTellAm brings not only the most aesthetically pleasing pieces right at your door step , but  also the most unique. His name is Juanjo Oliva, a Parson's School of Design graduate, the mastermind behind this stunning ankara collection at Madrid Fashion Week. I especially love the styling concept utilizing brown vintage belts to add even more funk to these flirty mini dresses.   Juanjo Oliva  Spring 2010 collection ROCKS!

I love , I mean HEART, maybe it's not quite clear, I ♥ ! this line .


“Elegance is deeply personal and pertains to individuals who incorporate tolerance, dignity, intelligence and, what is most important, sensitivity,”--Juanjo Oliva

PUCCI me happy.

Emilio Pucci crystal embellished mini.
This screams sex. sex..the feather detail certainly turns up the volume .

How do you manage to get us so well Viv ?

okay, Vivienne Westwood is simply AWEsome!!! This is a woman who, I can only imagine, still  has the most brilliant designs in brain . Her creative inspiration seems limitless. I love layers. Always have. I love place my personal stamp on my oufits. Sometimes, I even use my skirts as a tub tops. I wear skirts over my jeans, shorts or even on another skirt. You get the point, fashion for me is a very emotional thing.

Here's a peek at her Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Bold, Organic, brilliant off-shoulder printed sweaters, print/ knitted stocking. OMG. .mmmmm. we love. This gets the Boho stamp of approval.

sex appeal should always be organic.

brilliant coat

i love blue rose on brown silk .

those shoes! hmmm.

for the artist in some of us :)

love the sword shorts. click here to get ONE!

look at those shoes! heart!