Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Renee Striking Enough To Be the IT GIRL?

Don't get me wrong, I feel her pain , however she is not striking enough. In fact her watered down black features are to blame for her lack of ascension in high fashion. To make it as a respected supermodel, you have to be strikingly gorgeous or hideously ugly. No in between. High fashion is not for prom queens.

I must admit after watching this video, I could not see any potential in Renee as a high fashion model. She was just not striking. Pretty eyes however, let's just say she should master the art of laying in the sun in an effort to appear darker. Paging Alek Wek.

And please work on your walk Renee.  That ghetto walk does not work in high fashion. And get some sleep, circles under your eyes is not going to help you book jobs. You want your clients to be instantly drawn to you. More like casting a spell on them with one look.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I love this look. I love her fiery red hair. 
Love the beret. 
I am so inspired by the expression on her face.
You almost feel the cold weather in her expression

finally, I am creating a Tumblr to truly share what inspires me.
TUMBLR  here we come!

What to name it, I still don't know, but it will be cute. 

Happy Monday !

Monday, February 20, 2012

Joyeux Anniversaire Island Girl

Of course we heart our favorite Pisces, Rihanna 
and we certainly cannot  forget to send our warm wishes to her on her special day. 
Happy, Happy Birthday sexy Pisces.
Not many can touch your natural high voltage sensuality. 

Natural Woman

Lioness moment
 She radiates warmth in this photograph
There are many who cannot do this--- even if you paid them
to please radiate a little warmth : impossible. 
Brava Gisele. You rocketh!
Brady's Own
Gisele is such a beautiful woman, inside and out.
The greatest supermodels have a magical quality to them .
Ka -Ching!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Etching My Tiger

Alana , Style Diva of the Day lets us in on the symbolism of crucifix,  minis with frontal full length zippers and her tattoos : Tantalizingly wicked. just wicked.

photo credit: lookbooknu

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Because, I love this track!!

The Beckham H&M Briefs

I just caught sight of this sultry H&M body wear soft porn, COMMERCIAL featuring soccer legend, David Beckham . I only have one word --- ok, one sound... " Aye!!"

It certainly doesn't help with the "Please don't let me be misunderstood" song by the Animals. I feel like a hungry animal.  I clearly misunderstand this commercial, or maybe I don't. Since I want a boxer brief for myself, so long as it is the very same one, David's balls got to rub all over. This desire has much to do with?? [I can only see those boxer briefs and that tight tattooed bod. And that ass?  David is sexy.] I clearly need Jesus.