Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The day after the break-up:(

It's no secret Kim Kardashian is sad about her current break-up with Reggie. Break-ups suck and Kim Kardashian is a combination of vulnerability and sensuality in this pic. thanks to those hot gladiatior booties.

Inspired by Grandmom:)

Layered Gold Coin necklace/ Flamingo necklace by Lily Allen

Lily Allen has a jewelry line apt titled" Lily Allen". And her gypsy grandmom was the source of inspiration. I especially love the gold coin necklaces from her Coin Collection.

Miss Milian's Dillain

Christian Louboutin Dillian Shoes
Christina wearing gold & black Christian Louboutin Dillian Shoes
Christina with fiancee , music producer, The Dream .

I myself had a moment like this today. I wanted to take them off, but they were so cute and no, I will not do like Miss Milian and go barefoot on Hollywood blvd. So, I sucked it up and pretended there was no such thing as painful beautiful shoes.

Mr. & Mrs Carter

Beyonce styled CORRECT with these Yellow YSL sandal pumps. This is so reminiscent of their "Bonnie&Clyde" video. I heart this image. Maybach, Manhattan, Yellow Yves Saint Laurent sandals, a fedora & dem hot SASHA Fierce legs, adequately exposed!! + record mogul hubby. We like it! love sweet oh. I was just listening to her amazing" Halo" single. it gives me goosebumps each time. :)

City Style

Just a couple of days ago, I posted a look with lovely blue pumps. Voila, Rhianna rocks blue pumps!

Love with Harajuku Barbie

Nicki Minaj
Amber and Nicki Minaj at America's Most Wanted Tour, yesterday.

Just a week or so , Amber Rose was taped on LipService admitting her love of intimacy with women . Days later, at the America's Most Wanted Tour, she was openly affectionate towards Nicki Minaj. pronounced "Min-aaa--jjj".

And Nicki certainly doesn't deny her love for women. Looks like a match made in heaven. Kanye is a naughty fella. 

During Amber's interview on LipService, she was asked, if she had an open-relationship with Kanye. To which, she immediately became coy and what shall we say? feminine. Hinting that Kanye was listening to the interview. hot!

So here she is y'all. Amber. The blonde dyke Kanye rapped about. We think her "Harajuku Barbie" is hot!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Design Beautiful.

photo credit:Plastolux

I love interior design.love the creative use of space. has to be aesthetically pleasing.

Very Pleased

photo credit: Contemporist

Art. Fashion. Entertainment. I love the bedroom featured on this post. I can just relax with a good movie, preferably, Stanley Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange" and I am good. I love the nature aspect of these homes as well. Perfect for me!!!

Amber CUMS Clean

Amber let it ALL hang out on the radio earlier this week and addressed her love for women. Hot Interview!!!!!

Jewel By Lisa RELOADED

Jewel By Lisa Embellished Ankara/ Silk mini

$20 Deal

Zinc Lace Camisole

Want a summer friendly top , but just don't know where to get one, better yet, you are left asking about recession friendly discounts. We got one for ya. Nordstrom Zinc Lace Camisole. I particulary love the print work. And you can get one right here for $16!!!

Mayhem Slash Bootie

Ventilated booties!!!!so cute.

Love her style.

photo cred:Lookbook!!
I love this look. Could it have something to do with blue pumps?:) I think so. I am super inspired by this look.

Friday Love

Tyrese is dedicating this awesome pic to all the ladies...TGIF

Foxy Mama!!!!

Stars, they are just like us. Grunge it up! And that's exactly what Megan Fox brought !I love the shoes as well and you get a similar pair right HERE!

Style Buzz...

We are buzzin' like bees in search of honey. So, Solange Knowles chopped her hair off. And we like it. Bow Wow twittered away in disapproval of women chopping it off. We got news Bow Wow, it's hot, it's summer. It's okay for a woman to chop it off. Cool Look Solange!!

Pearls and Jumper.

Rhianna at the Inglourious Basterds premier in London-July 23,2009

Rhianna rocked it very well with the black jumper and pearls. I love it. loved her newly shaved head as well .

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just In from Nollywood

Djimon with Kimora
Djimon in Calvin Klein Ad

Matthew Mensah
Van Vicker

Djimon Honsu, "husband"/partner/ co-parent with Kimora Lee Simmons is the epitome of classy, beautiful, African master. This "Blood Diamond" actor has definitely placed his African nation, Benin on the international map. A Golden Globe nominee, Academy Award Nominee and a handful of nominations in the Film industry and Fashion world, Djimon has proven he is a master at his craft. Hard to imagine he only made his debut, as an actor, in 1990 as a doorman on "Beverly Hills, 90210". You go Broda!!

Mathew Mensah is another Ghanian-Scandinavian hottie. Yes, we get SUPA hot looking at him. He founded Child Hunger Campaign as well as CATWalk The World. This is the guy Ladies!!!such a hottie. He is also the Creative Director for prominent fashion house Deola Sagoe. Matthew is an inspiration to Africa. Do visit his CatWalkTheWorld site here to get more info on Matthew and his causes.

I just learned of this next hottie, Van Vicker. Who would've thought Africa was boasting with such hot men? This Nollywood( Nigeria version of Hollywood, much like Bollywood) actor is a 100% hunk. Sorry ladies he is also happily married. He is also of Liberian /Dutch &Ghanian ancestry.

Photo source:CatWalkTheWorld.org
Bella Naija
Social Lingua

Kudos for making Africa proud.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It'sFASHmatic! cool style. notice the use of belts, bows used to create funky boho styles. Lots of line. Hence, Fashmatics. Fashion+ Mathematics.

photo credit:Lookbook

Sandal Pumps& Socks

photo credit:Lookbook

Bright& Funky and btw: carefree style.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Love Her Style

Photo Credit: Lookbook

Mini Wishes

Motel diagonal dress
Shoulder view of Rekiem Shoulder Zipper Dress
Rekiem Shoulder Zipper Dress

Mini's Mini's Mini's...flirty. Love the ankle boots.

L.A Street Style

Photo Credit: HiStyley.com

I love street style. Gloves, Wigs, Mini's....any trend forecaster will tell you style begins in the streets. Tis' the home of fashion.

Rhianna's X-Rated Album Cover

Could this be Rhianna's new Album cover slated for release December 2009? Industry sources say so. We like it. Love the gloves by ASOS. The ASOS brand has amazing gloves. hmm. You can have one too. On the count of 3, 1, 2, 3 click HERE;) for more.

Shady Summer

Amber's Chanel chain Sunglasses

AmEyeWear treats Rhianna

photo credit :Rhianna Daily.com

If you were in denial the 80's fashion is making a comeback? DOUBT No More! 80's fashion rebirth is in full effect! Harem pants have made their second debut, Spandex followed suit and Now! The gold chain sunglasses made his grand entrance. I love it. Fearless fashion.