Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Just keeping in line with infuriating that fat over righteous fat fuck who thought, she can Boko everyone. Eat shit , darling . Continue to eat it! Over righteous Muslim.  ha!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

This blissful life . .

               This is the year of the  most beautiful animal ---the Horse!  And according to astrologers, it is going to be a good year, but very unpredictable. The Horse is a fast animal, friendly, but quick tempered. In short, a Horse is a loving animal and quite " sensitivo" , but overall, the Horse is about action and makes decisions on a whim .

           I also happen to a Horse native, so this year is lovely, already. Truths about people's motivations will come out. In fact, every question will be answered and every impostor will be revealed.  In line, with the mannerism of a Horse, things will unfold quite fast. So, why am I writing all this ? Well, you see, I am not close with members of my family.  They still believe in old school though, that " Silence is the best answer " .  We can leave them to their soiree of stupidity, and spitefulness.  It always amazes me that, if a baby needs milk, he/ she cries to alert someone, they hungry.  It is is also mind baffling, that some people who know how to talk , even for a living, become all so quiet, with not enough courage to face someone they are having a problem with and tell them, ' how much they hate them " .

                                                                      photo credit :Prescott
                                                                      " Girl In th Desert "

           They are weak people. When a multitude without question, is ready to attack a single person, without asking questions, let us keep it real,  " the victim, the bullied must be a real threat to their already shaky self-esteem" , so like cowards who lack the skills to be honorable, they would rather shake your hand and wait for you to turn , so they can do their worse.  Cowards, they are.  Spineless.

         I once told, " your family, you  mean them well, but they do not mean you well." -  Well, I will still ride on top of this world, Wanksters.  I mean, you envy me. And cowards. And then, there is this weird issue of people expecting me to not speak up and fight for my well being, if they posed a thread. I was not born to be all good with you cowards , or any cowards out there, so you can feel good. Maybe that sounds selfish, but I am not. I will continue to shine and you all will continue to act like PUNKS-ters you are.

       I almost forgot, one sent me a Friend Request online. I added him, because I thought, ' good we are getting somewhere.'  Only for this coward to look at a nude picture of a model friend  and then, like a coward, sent me an inbox, claiming he did not like the picture and it should not be on Facebook. The picture , we speak of is a published picture by a renown photographer; but, like a COward, who obviously may have some envy issues, since his wife is not exactly going to be strutting in Victoria Secret lingerie  alongside Naomi and Heidi Klum , soo,  he reported the picture. Ha. Ha. Well, guess what, ' Stop hating women who love their bodies because you are married to one fat one" .

      MY haters are my motivators and since my haters are in  my family, God must really want me to motivated.

                                                                      photo credit :Prescott