Monday, June 29, 2009

Mini Heaven

Over a month ago or so Beyonce was pictured in London with a short short mini exiting her hotel in the UK and I fell in love with the mini. It was sparkly, fun.It spelled Freedom. At the BET Awards yesterday, she sported a sparkly mini dress with purple pumps.I love it. Love it. Love it.

Miss Henson Takes It Off

I celebrate nudity and most definitely appreciate it much more when it's done tastefully. Lovely dress, however it needs a bit of alteration to properly embrace Taraji's body type. Hating is not the motivation here. Therefore, We congratulate , 'cause she took it there.

Bold & Sexy, minus the Tina Turner wig.

Lala Lacks Originality

First, she shaved her hair just like Cassie and called it "re-mixing" her life. What a biter!!!! Last night, Lala Vasquez, the unoriginal MTV Veejay, showed off yet another copy cat moment, a rosary tattoo just like Nicole Richie.

Geez, Lala, do you do anything original ?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lilly Barelicious Jumpsuit

I like Lilly Allen even though I think she is ditzy. Lilly performed earlier today in Glastonbury dedicating a song to the King of Pop. Her singing is not what draws me to her but rather, her choice of outfits. It's always a near hit for her. Somehow she misses the mark and sadly I see that with this outfit.

Great frontal presentation of her perky tits but, this jumpsuit is off in an odd way. Maybe it's her body time. It's on the wrong body type.

Great Finds.

Since Megan is the hot thing right now. It's only a matter of fairness that some may be interested her in style philosophy. I love this Stella McCartney Leopard T-shirt. And you don't need to break the bank to cop it. For $175 you can own one too.Click here for purchasing instructions:)

Hey?! $175 is no joke for some .

For $30 you can own one like it via Top Shop right about here........

Rhianna post Trial

Princess Rhi-Rhi is looking mighty refreshed post trial of the century. She is pictured yapping it up with Pharrell . I am loving her ankle boots paired with a wife-beater and booty shorts....lovin' it!

Do check out my post on Megan Fox's Stella McCartney loose wife beater. Very sexy.

Transformers Babe

Megan Fox is one foxy cat. Beautiful woman for sure. Loving her choice of skin tight , little black dress. This must be her "Freakum Dress"....Notice the purple nail polish. This exactly how to place a personal stamp on an simple black dress.

Kristin and her Beige Pumps

Kristin must need major help in shoe department. These are same ridiculous, disheveled pumps she rocked a while back. Kristin..get it together.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Check out Victoria Beckhams' gravity defying latex thigh high boots. Amazing. I definitely need one.

GUCCI Milan Fashion Week

I love it!!Love the embroidered blazers matched with Men's skinny pants . GUCCI never seems to disappoint. Voila ..Milan Fashion Week. This is HIT!

Dirk Bikkemberg's Spring/Summer '09 Collection

German designer, Dirk Bikkemberg 's line at Milan Fashion week goes in line with his avid support of football and what one might see a professional football player wear off the field. It contained structured blazers, with matching vests and matched with grey's . I particularly love the draw string pants matched with a vest.

Alexander McQueen Milan Fashion Week

Shimmer, Glitter and futuristic is definition of Sir Alexander McQueens Spring/Summer '09 line as presented at the Milan Fashion Week. As always Alexander dabbles in form contrast as well as color contrast. Lots of silver, black, golds.....I love :)

Reggae Afternoon JAM

Queen Ifrica
"Below the Waist"

check out the hip roll:)

Amerie "1 Thing"

I love this video. You'll love it too. Great legs for sure!

Tacky Capsule

I like to keep it real. Apparently Angela and Vanessa Simmons have designed an evening wear line of clothing for Macy's by the name of Pastry Capsule. Based on the promo ads for this line, it seems very tacky. Why is Angela wearing a visible pink bra with her mini dress. That bra should not be there. Why is Vanessa pairing her pink shirt with a capri pants and then a gold belt.

No. No.

I do love the make-up on both women. but WTF is this?

Yes uncle Russ!

In case you thought it was purely speculation . Noemi & Russell Simmons are an item .

Stylista Knowles

Fresh off her Madison Square garden concert, newlyweds Beyonce & Jay-Z were spotted out last night in NYC hitting up local bar, Avenue Bar. I love Beyonce's skintight shimmer pants. It seems like a House of Dereon production . It's curve friendly.

Loving teal on Beyonce. Mama Knowles is bringin' it !If you have curves, I highly suggest visiting the House of Dereon website right here.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Clean Style

I love this photograph of Solange. It's such a refreshing photo.

Chris Brown & Rhianna Face off in Court

It seems today should be dubbed "Domestic Violence " Day in Los Angeles. First Perez gets attacked , then Chris Brown faces his felony assault charges in an Los Angeles Superior Court against Rhianna.

Loved Rhianna's demure Mod Mini.

Doublemint Gum pulled his Ad off the air, and "Got Milk" followed suit.

I still believe Rhianna struck him first ,in a jealous rage. I've included a video of the hot couple before all hell broke loose.

Perez Black-Eyed by the Black Eyed Peas

Will. I. Am of the Black Eyed Peas
Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton says he was attacked by Will. I. Am of the Black Eyes Peas in Toronto last night. Well, not quite Will.I. Am but, by his manager Polo Molina, who according to Perez on his blog punched him so hard and left Perez with a black eye.

According to Perez, he was in Toronto for2009 Much Music Video Awards and Fergie, the female member of Black Eyed Peas approached Perez regarding the negative comments Perez made on his site about the group. Perez says that after Fergie was through ranting and raving, he went about his way to the another event only to be followed by the Black Eyed Peas and this time Fergie approached once again complaining about his blog. Perez ended up leaving that event , only to be followed again by the Will. I . Am and according to Perez, Will, confronted Perez and demanded Perez  never mention his band ever on his blog.

Now, y'all this is laughable as here in the United States, we all have a right to freely express our thoughts, it's called Freedom of Speech. Perez responded to Will.I .Am's request by saying he will try, but nothing was promised and that was when Will yelled at Perez and said " You will respect me" and at that point Perez called Will 'Gay' and ' fag**t'.

Perez claims he was forced to leave the event and while waiting for his ride , Will.I . Am's manager Polo punched him leaving him with a black eye. Perez called the police ,however he was told that his case was not an emergency and that they [ the police] will get there as soon as they can after dealing with more pressing issues.

According to Perez , that's when he 'took' to Twitter and asked for help. Check out the video of the fight right here.

Sexy Knit

 I fell in love with Mark Fast's knit designs , the minute I laid eyes on them .  Why not? Tastetfully designed and executed in the most aesthetically pleasing manner. The colors, omgosh. It does not get any more vibrant than this. His Spring/Summer '09 line offers vibrantly colored knit mini's like you've never seen before. Mini's are always in. So, who is Mark Fast? Well, he's just a soft spoken  Candianian, 20 something designer living his destiny and stiriking a pot of gold when it comes to inspiration well executed with organic precision .
Though only 28 years old and relatively new in the fashion industry, Mark's work has been featured on Vogue, I-D , just to name a few.

The knitting is done on a domestic machine and Mark does it all by himself,blending Lycra,Wool , Viscose. This is very innovative. To check out more on Mark's work, click here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Prada Happy

If it's unique, and beautiful. I love it. Prada's Resort line 2010 presents lots of ethnically inspired items and this dress is one of them . Especially love the revealing vertical cut.

Margaretha Bag

The Margaretha Bag by Escada is a MUST have. Made of Suzani cloth, a Perisian word used to describe an embroidered fabric. In Perisan history, the Suzani cloth was used for mainly making bed covers. These bags retail for $1,750...wheew!

This is a really gorgeous bag named after the founder of Escada, Margarita Ley. Margarita was known for her very uniquely, beautiful style and this bag is great interpretation of uniqueness and style.

I am especially loving the Moorish influence /designs on the bag. visit for details on purchasing one of your own.


Hmm...Kate Hudson and N.Y. Yankee baseball player Alex Rodriguez are an item. She's been all over New York city with Alex. She's even been spotted at his games. Interesting. The new couple were introduced by Adam Moudlin , a real estate agent .

So, last night, Kate & Alex were partying it up exclusively in Miami and were described as affectionate with one another. Not too long ago Alex was swirling it up with Madonna before his divorce from his wife roughed that affair up. Now, it looks like, just as Madonna has found love with hot Spanish god, Jesus Luz, Alex has equally found himself in a steamy love affair with Kate Hudson.

In case you were wondering what their mode of transportation was last night. None other than Alex's chauffeured Maybach.I've included a pic for your viewing pleasure.

African Models

Esther Gomis

Maud Bourek

Africa has been known to produce the fiercest of models and mama Africa has delivered once again. Above is a picture of Esther Gomis, a Senegalese model . The latter is an equally gorgeous model by the name of Maud Bourek, an Egyptian native, signed with Ford Models.

Hope to see them in lots of fashion spreads.

Gisele IS expecting

Brazil Fashion week had some surprises and one being Gisele Bundchen's baby bump. She does make one sexy mama!!! "Family is everything" Gisele once commented.

Laid back style

Kristin is getting it. Loving the ripped jeans with the loose fitted flannel button down shirt completed with black pumps. good job Kristin . This is very believable, especially with the "just got out of bed" hair bun. NEWSFLASH: Kristin is bagging $64,000 an episode for MTV's "The Hills"

ARISE Model of the Year

ARISE fashion week drew to a dramatic close today with Nigeria taking 4 of the 9 awards at ARISE Fashion week. Nigerian native Oluchi Onweagba was named Model of The Year. And I am not surprised. Oluchi is a beautiful girl and Supermodel. You might know her from her seductive pounce down the Victoria Secret runway. Gorgeous woman indeed.

Tiffany Amber was awarded Designer of the Year, while Ituen Basi took home the Award for Innovation. Eyola was awarded the Most Promising Designer. But wait!!!!I've got a knuckle buster!!!!

R. Kelly also performed at the event. I am a bit shocked Jewel by Lisa didn't take home any awards, her designs are FIERCE.

Enjoy the pics of the model of the year, Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi. gorgeous woman. congrats. Above, I've included an awesome pic of Oluchi wearing an Ankara dress designed by Jewel By Lisa....just breathless:)