Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who is the hotter RocNation bombshell? Rihanna or the other " R" ?

Word amongst industry insiders is that Rita Ora is now getting songs that should actually go to Rihanna. hmm...I have my mojo make that sexy mojo on my favorite Pisces : Miss Fenty. Damn! Bitch is hot. at least her poses. Makes you forget you are Christian and this might be a sin. Daydreamin' 'bout hur! lol

Not to worry, I scanned my top secret database for some Rita Ora songs. Just to give her a chance to win in sometin'. lol Will post her songs , too....but RIGHT NOW ! Ladies and Gents, let's bless our eyes and senses with hot hot phoyos! lol of Rihanna and Rita.

You ready ?

Whoa!! take it easy, na!! lol

Pisces werkin' her magic!!!
Rita Ora --the newcomer to RocNation ? Rhi -Rhi's alleged  rival.
So who does sexy better?

Wow!!!! British Rita definitely appears to have a stronger voice. Ha!!! Can y'all dig it? lol