Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Photographer behind UnsignedModelSearch

Helena Christensen

The minute, Tyra Branks made billions from her lucrative brain child, America's Next Top Model. It seems every other Supermodel is having a Eureka moment on how to turn their experience as a Supermodel into  lucrative income while on retirement! Bravo.

Here's a little bio on Helena Christensen. She's Danish born, former Creative Director for Nylon Magazine, ex- love of Michael Hutchens of INXS, the gorgeous woman in Chris Issak's smash video, Wicked Games , Victoria Secret Angel, and now, Photographer.

Helena recently teamed up with Swarovski and formed a Model Search company. 
In her interview with Vogue UK, just last month,she candidly unveils the question, anyone whose ever seen a photograph of Helene has wanted to ask her , "What was is it like to be worshiped and adored for her ethereal beauty in Ads, Music Videos, Magazine, Campaigns! " This is the reason behind her decision to form 

in collaboration with billion dollar jewelry manufacturer, Swarovksi.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Style!

It's summer, but technically I live in the Sunshine State; California. Depending on the " beautiful, always perfect" temperature, it's always summer in Los Angeles!!! most of the time .

I love these colors. The trend, this summer is to keep it colorful and lacy! And light on the accessories.

  Jennifer Hawkins launches the Myer S/S 2011 in Sydney, Australia
I have the coolest pair of Italian shoes, you'd happily skip weekly dinner for . Click here. The magic number is 6. 

Lace Finds

A couple of days ago, I wrote of Muiccia's 2008 Lace line . And voila!!! Jason Wu 2011 Fall line is also on the Lace tip. I cannot explain my love for Lace, but it feels right at this moment in my life. It spells woman.  Are you woman? Here are some Lace blouses I think are adorable.




Great fashion does not need to be expensive.

Product of Naomi Campbell's Fashion God Father

OMG! these are divine. These are the new Azzedine Alaia be-jeweled pumps. What can a woman do in these? Or should the question be ' What can the millennial woman not do in these? '  Here are some awesome ideas, on how to let these lovely 5.5 inch pumps do the talking for you. Pair these with solids.Bright solids will draw the right attention to these. Solid cream or even a solid cream skirt with a neon or green colors sold top. It's summer. $800 is not too much to ask for these babies. At least we can't blame Papa Alaia for making painful shoes like Louboutin.

You can at least bet on the comfort at a fraction of a Christian Louboutin pumps. I'd pair this with a bright fuchsia mini mod dress.or even Jeans :-) the sky is the limit with these. If a shoe inspires, then stylist becomes your inner middle name.

Lipstain stains Cover Girl

Is the new Cover Girl Lipstain really worth all the hype? The only certainty in anything Cover Girl has to be lucrative deal to have, Drew Barrymore as spokeswoman for Cover Girl Lipstain; she definitely makes the effortless sale for new Cover Girl Lipstain.

At some point, the product should live up to its name and its promise. The application of Lipstain seems to be a daunting task, considering that the Lipstain does not seem to want to come out on the lips. I found myself having to use a nearby Post-In to dab on the pen-like Lipstain applicator, in effort to get the ill-designed pen to work,  to bleed !! Lipcolor and stain my luscious lips with the " saucy plum" , the brand I chose to stain my lips with for the day .

Cover Girl Lipstain

"Dear Cover Girl, create a new and improved Lipstain . Release a statement, already!"~The Mistress for Make Una Tell Am.  Until that happens, Make Una Tell Am rates the Cover Girl Lipstain an F! due its poor design and zero practicality when it comes to fulfilling its promise as a long lasting lip color. Ladies, you'd fare better sticking with a regular lipstick!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rosebud Amber

Make Una Tell Am dedicates this post to  All Things Magnificent about Amber Rose. It cannot be easy to be this beautiful while defying the social norms of what and how a woman should be. Amber has walked a long and winding road to be the mega superstar she is, today.
sexy never goes out style and yes a woman can bare it all and still keep it wholesome.;-)
Pretty face Amber!

Amber pictured outside Beso Restaurant in West Hollywood swapping admiration with Rosa Acosta
 Amber Rose pictured looking very dykish, and she makes it look so attractive.
What's your secret Amber? do tell!!! lol

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pleasantly Seduced

This is Nicola ! Such a beautiful being she is. This is the type of beauty I was raised around. Undeniable beauty. It is not because she is fair skinned, it because,  her emotions are so obvious through the camera. And she is beauty with brains, she is currently the Editor for FabMagazine.

Laced in Prada

If Lace, the fabric could speak, what language would she speak ? And yes, Lace is female. Very female. I think she'll speak langue femelle.  For quite some time now, I have been obsessed with all things lace. Blame it on finally being at my prime as a woman . This is a wonderful place to be and should be celebrated! I opt for lace.

Miuccia Prada
By the way the Miuccia Prada pics posted here are from her Fall 2008 line.  Any true fashionista knows good fashion never goes out of style. It just gets recycled. 

Prada with an erotic twist!
Lovely dress indeed. Love the length , definitely wouldn't mind it a wee bit shorter!
" Lace is symbolic of the whole of women's lives. " - Miuccia