Thursday, March 31, 2011

Purple Injection

I am a true sucker for versatile shoes and versatile colors. When I style for the day, I find that one single shoe, an earring, a necklace can inspire a whole month or week of awesome style ideas. And this lovely gold studded suede stiletto do it for me. You can easily rock washed out tight or skinny jeans matched with a simple white tee and and blazer and voila, you are set. Or, you can rock this with a brown , white or grey baby doll dress and the shoe still makes the statement. Like many of you, I love a bargain. I once bought a 5 inch J-Lo shoes for $5! I know. Days like that, a girl  feels like the luckiest chic alive!

I digress, this post is about the purple wonder  gold heeled PUMPS. They are workable and utterly lovable. For $49, you can get a pair by clicking on  this link to place you order! mwah.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skin so fresh, it's edible

I am only posting this because Leslie Okoye is too adorable! I love listening to her adorable self break down her skincare product line CookieSkin.

What I really love about this beauty line is their slogan ,  "Skin so fresh, its edible".  With CookieSkin ,you are blessed with a quality skin line, steeped in root kojic, licorice, vitamin B3, C extracts, milk and fruit acid. Is there still a need for vitamin C shots? What say you Madonna?  

If you live in Lagos, Abuja , U.S. or U.K. you can visit the CookieSkin website and place your orders. L'Okoye Cosmetics occasionally has daily discounts, so get yours!

reading the fine print.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Coccolily S/S 2011

PhotoCredit : Coccolily
What's not to love about this line? I love the bows, I love the cuts-outs and I adore the lace influence and well, well, gotta love the use of turquoise shoes . In fashion, it's all about being bold.

Rihanna's Replacement!

Unless you've been living under a rock , Chris Brown has a new girlfriend and we gather this must be more than a late night jump-off, since she's been photographed with him on numerous occasions in public. sigh! lol Her name is Karrueche Tran, a Los Angeles native and a model! Or at least  she's trying to break into the industry. Now that she is on Chris' arm, it should give her career as model, the necessary boost she needs to get lucrative contracts. You know a contract that can actually pay some bills! I'm thinking American Apparel or maybe Levi's or even Calvin Klein.I am just not quite sold she is model material.

Karrueche with boyfriend Chris Brown at the Richmond Airport en route to Los Angeles
Karrueche Tran 
Heart the scarf styled as a Bandanna

Chris and Karrueche pictured exiting the Opera Gallery in Soho, NYC
Heart her over sized leather brown clutch
No to the white ankle boots. Never been a fan of white shoes. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Very MakeUnaTell Am-ISH

Ziad Ghanem gown

Oh my word!!!! The really interesting  thing about my personality is that, I fall in love with amazing dresses and that includes this gown! It's so simple and I love the layers. I would actually rock this on regular day at my home, hence my deep love for vintage stores.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kim Kardashian Turns IT DOWN

Oh no! Kim Kardashian's first single " Turn It Up" disappoints. It's unbelievable Christina Milian's ex , the Dream produced this . Could Paris Hilton be the better singer? Amidst their infinite similarities, Sex Tape, Reality TV Stars, Hollywood party girls.------ but that's where the similarity ends. Paris is the better songstress. If you doubt me, be the judge.

Love this song. I know!!! but Paris rocked this song all the way from beginning to END!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Carrine ! Carrine

Former French Vogue Editor in the most awesome pencil skirt. Oh my! You know why I love fashion, it's a form of artistic expression. Not sure how or why the belt resembles a sling, either way, we like it. It's different and origi! as in original . Love the shoes as well.

Let's talk of her hair. 'Carrine, was it raining? Cause we don't see any rain what!soever in the background'. Please try a tight bun next time, a bad hair style can destroy an otherwise lovely outfit. Merci !

So what's next for Carrine Roitfeld. A clothing line. sweetness!