Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why not Miami?

Yes! this is also a lifestyle blog and the topic for today is Star Island. A man-made island on Miami  beach. Now before you start  laughing at the hype over a man-man island, you love pretty dresses, right ? You adore architecture, beautiful scenery, good music, and well prepared meals? All man made darls!! Every gift comes from the higher power. So we can only celebrate and congratulate! Happiness begets more happiness.

Star island is an oval shaped paradise . And get this ,uber! mega!, mega! mega stars are the main residents of Star Island. It's the south east mecca of the rich &famous. P. Diddy ,Shaquille O'Neal, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, billionaire, Phillip Frost and real estate investor, Thomas Kramer own homes on Star Island. Thomas Kramer's billion dollar pad was recently featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Possible sugar daddy to Kim Zolciak. Publicly she denies any intimate relationship with Kramer, but let's not forget , she did the same, with Big Poppa!

Star Island, Biscayne Bay ( Miami Beach)

This is an exclusive island.Only accessible by a single bridge and it consists of only 32 properties! So, unless someone is selling a home, a "Dear Lord!, Please I want to live on Star Island " prayer is in order. It is completely understandable why celebrities flock to Star Island, it is exclusive.  This is privacy within privacy.

P.Diddy, Star Island  Mansion. 

If you remember, Rhianna and Chris Brown briefly reunited at P.Diddy's oceanfront pad and allegedly got married in an effort to mend their very public ruffle.

Chris Brown & Ex-Lady Love Rhianna photographed on Star Island

 I mentioned Paulina Rubio's residence on Star Island and voila!!!! I want this house too . And its best feature, the outdoor shower! Barcelona here we come! This is such a spacious pad. Simply yum !Everything about this house is awesome.

$15 million in the bank is the tune you need to sing to own a property at Star Island. whoa!  I can't get Paulina Rubio's residence out of my head. I adore both of her pads. The "H" room. Yes, we all need an "H" room in our homes. Equipped with wide open spaces; very tall ceilings  which gives one a sense of living in an unorthodox mansion. I love this. I have seen real estate moguls turn a warehouse to a home. I have seen newspapers used as a wallpaper. Some dyed, others not. I call this the goodies in creativity.  There is truly no limit in the art world. But wait. The world is art.

Back to  Paulina Rubio's home in Barcelona!!!I adore the bridge feature of this home. It signifies unity. Sort of reminds me of Mexican painter, Frida Khalo's mansion  in  Obregon Mexico , constructed by architect, Juan O'Gorman . The home also had a bridge linking Frida and fellow painter/husband , Diego Rivera to their respective residences. I found this quality deeply moving . It's signifies truth and independence.

Enjoy fashionistas. Along with looking good, it pays HUGE to have a comfortable home, preferably your dream house. This is ours: Paulina's bi-coastal manses and of course Frida Khalo's home in Obregon Mexico!

I have a love for the unconventional , yet functional and surprisingly practical.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

LOVE i.n.s.p.i.r.e.d!

 Nevermind, that I've been following THELOVEMAGAZINE on Twitter for months now, and  had never really bothered to view their link on Twitter. That all came to a screeching halt today, due to this very provocative cover. It's none other than Kate Moss locking lips in what seems another woman . Wow! Kate.

  "LOVE is a compendium of inspiration - for designers, for artists, for anyone looking for visual ideas; for anyone who loves fashion and design so much that they want to climb inside the heads of their heroes."-LOVE MAGAZINE

 LOVE Magazine, 5th Issue, " The Androgynous Issue"
And that is Kate Moss locking lips with model, Lea T.
Pick up a copy Feb 7th to get more insider details on what makes this truly androgynous.

       Lara Stone in the 3rd issue of LOVE
The Nude Issue

   It is also owned by Conde Nast. LOVE magazine is now on its fifth issue and if you want to own copy, you can report to your newsstand on February 7th and get one. I remember as a 16 year old being completely immersed in the world of fashion and it is quite refreshing to see veteran supermodels like Kristen McMenamy on its covers. In addition to Lara Stone and Kate Moss. There seems to be mega wattage of supermodel power backing this bi-annual publication out of the United Kingdom .

 Kate Moss lights up in LOVE Magazine
We'd light up too after major sin sesh!
Yasmin Le Bon photographed by Josh Olin
Raw sensuality being exuded here!
Liya Kebede photographed by Josh Olin 

While researching my bit on LOVE magazine, the song below popped up in my head and I find it quite complimentary to this post.

French Rapper MCSolaar's " La Belle Et Le Bad Boy".

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Million and 1 Reasons to LOVE McCartney

Stella McCartney PreFall 2011
PhotoCred : Elle

Have you ever wondered how top fashion designers maintain their status? I doubt the fashion consumer gives it a second thought, much less a single thought. All we want is fresh concepts delivered at our door each time. Guess what ? Stella McCartney, creative genius never fails to remind us that this is what she was born to do and she does deliver. 

Now, we know for sure Stella does love us!Fashionistas.

It is just mid January in the year of our Lord 2011 and she hits us with her Pre-Fall line and it is marvelous. 80's fashion , 60's fashion, medieval fashion never goes out of style. Fashion is recycled every season, if you pay attention. Two years ago, stars like Rhianna were snapped ducking paparrazi in 80's shoulder tops, dresses and it seems Stella is bringing it back again in 2011!

We just had to take a sweet moment, to say " Merci , Madame McCartney ". This is lovely

I particularly adore the evening black lace tulle dress. Not to mention , the knitted wide-armed top with its multicolored triangular designs. It also appears that the skinny pants is not going out of fashion just yet , reminds me of the Salawar ,worn in India.  Stella reintroduces it in this Fall line. As a mommy, I adore the loose fitted shirt dress, worn over the Salawar.
Can't wait for the fall season.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Magical Scarf

This is such a beautiful photograph. I adore her head gear/scarf. Sweetness all the way. There is an art to tying a headscarf and making it work for you. I recommend trying this look with skinny jeans, basic white tee and  a blazer. 

If you have $10 to spare, you can get a similar scarf , right here .

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Iman Vs Iman

Supermodel Iman in Dolce& Gabbana
Chanel Iman sashays on the runway in Dolce Gabbana

Who owns it ? MakeUnaTellAm proudly hands the award to the REALIMAN

Monday, January 10, 2011


Christian Louboutin Toundra Fur Booty 
Fall/Winter 2010

 My very first reaction was, ' What?! Now I have to wear my live puppy on my feet '? But then, my sharp fashion sensibility kicks in and I realize these are quite interesting. I recommend solid colors when styling with these booty. Preferable color would be all black, all creme, just make sure it's solid.  However the price tag is another topic all together. And  stores such as, Neiman Marcus and  Bergdoff Goodman are making huge profits from this booty. It's a hot item. How does the price range of $1200 to $2100 sound to you?

Would you do it ? Oh, and it is real fur. Ouch! PETA must be breaking out in serious hives.

If Miss Fur Christian Louboutin can talk,  I think she'll be singing along to Dirty Money's New LP
"Someone to Love Me "

DIDDY / DIRTY MONEY "Someone To Love Me" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.