Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gautier Aschobi

Aschobi designer, Adama Kai , certainly has a firm grasp on creating avant garde dresses with a flair for drama. We are loving this new strapless number. Totally resembles a Jean Paul Gautier dress . Love the cone bras, pretty psychedelic. My current obsession is body art. loving this very much.

photo cred:aschobi

Saturday, March 27, 2010


The fashion house of Emilio Pucci, simply known as PUCCI, just made another bold, inspiring, beautiful  imprint in the fashion world with this awesome evening gown. The best thing about this dress is everything about it. From the upper body gold clasps supporting the sunflower inspired cut-out, to the high slit on the pleated ,flowy, bottom. We have to add this # to our sexy and elegant roster. No wonder the international market is all over this yellow evening gown. This will be a perfect selection  for pageants as well.

Meet Me in the Garden

Is it still the recession? Is the economy biting your swag? I got a super fix for ya. H&M baby! For under $60, you can add new life into your wardrobe. It is Spring after all. The buzz is all about  H&M's Garden Collection . Garden inspired line. Designed by Sonia Rykel.  I love it. I am super dupa earthy, boho for short. Loving the cotton motorcycle jacket. Remember, H& M clothingis made from "environmentally adapted  recycled polyester, organic cotton, organic materials ". love it. All around coolness.

yup , you are seeing it right


jacket $34.95

  Blouse $29.95

Also included this H&M video of the Garden Collection ....enjoy

"Beer"- Claudia's Prenatal Treat.

Beer. Or as the Germans would say Bier. Super , super model  Claudia Schiffer and her British film director hubby Matthew Vaughn are expecting their 3rd child this May.  So, fret not, she's gone through pregnancy twice already. Yes, Claudia! Super model mama!! craves ein Bier. " Bitte, Kann Ich ein Bier , haben? " [ Can I Please Have a Beer?] Must be a familiar request at the Schiffer-Vaughn residence. Before, you completely stop reading this article in disgust, we confess, Claudia does drink beer, it just happens to be the non-alcoholic beer she craves.  still a Supermodel ;-)

Claudia in Pucci

Friday, March 26, 2010

For the Love of Pamela

If you are bohemian chic deep inside and looking for a unique jewelry line , check out PamelaLoveNYC. I HEART her cuff ring. I guess it's the subsitute for a wedding ring. sort of. I get happy rocking it. the cuff ring, the peacock ring, and the vintage flower ring.oh my gosh.
PamelaLoveNYC rings

PamelaLoveNYC necklaces

I know what you are thinking. Where can I get one ? You can purchase any of these items directly from Pamela Love by click here.

Jewelry Designer, Pamela Love

Sex Pot

she looks FAB!

Russian Vogue Naomi

Naomi Campbell is my favorite supermodel. There is something about Naomi's pictures. She is a model, a muse and I love her temper.  In the  April issue for Vogue Russia , Naomi breaks yet another barrier as she is the ONLY model featured in the entire magazine for April . Dang Naomi!!!! We love ya and proud of you. She is also the guest editor for this issue. According to VOGUE Russia Editor In Chief, Aliona Doletskaya,   "I wanted to debunk a few myths surrounding Naomi. When I suggested the concept, she immediately came and for an hour and a half laid out stories, photography, interviews and other sections. Clearly, quickly and in a businesslike manner"


Naomi is still very much in love with her Russian billionaire boyfriend , Vladislav Doronin, whose net worth was estimated at $1.5billion last year. She must be making an awesome impression on the Russians. But , I mean, c'mon , she's Naomi, the beautiful muse.

Enjoy pics from April's issue of Vogue Russia, edited by the one and only , Naomi Campbell.


Okay, we are so changing our mind about LaLa. She is growing on us. Seriously. After a peek at her newly purchased Los Angeles love pad, not to speak of her cute little son, Kiyan who looks so much like his daddy, Lala is now awesome to us. Studs, triangle shoulders are in and I thought I'd post it here. Lala does not over accessorize and that's what we love so much about this.

Lala Vasquez at a Listening Party in Miami, Thursday


I love Spool. No 72. I can tell you besides Urban Outfitters I have never seen a store this awesome.  They cater exclusively to the online community , meaning there is no ground store. Oh my, my , I love their tees, their baby doll dresses, their jewelry line. It's unique enough for me. They carry  Small through Extra Large on their items. Spool No 72 is a store for every woman.  I simply love Spool No. 72.  This double layered   Vantage Skirt is the purrfect substitute for a skirt Rhianna  rocked a couple of posts ago. Spool No. 72 is a rustic, native inspired apparel/accessories line. And MakeUnaTellam is getting you hip to this awesomery situation. 

she's a beauty!
perfect for jeans, slacks, even spandex pants if u have the right one

100% raw silk
Perfect for sunny los angeles weather.

I love the crotchet back details.

Italian Leather

This is a lovely MakeUnaTellAm moment. such beautiful pieces . I mean GORG!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just last year, I was fortunate to find out about UNTOLD, an annual fashion show which gives new talents in the fashion design genre , a platform to showcase their masterpiece.Last year, we witnessed African fashion become the big buzz in the fashion industry and judging from what we saw this year at UNTOLD, if  style for you means an edgy boho feel. Mixing, remixing of pieces, then my advice is that you  continue to support UNTOLD and check out the fierce fashion, young /undiscovered designers have in store for you. For more info on designers showed here: you can contact UNTOLD at

Designed by Chantelle Walters


Designed by ChiChia London

Designed by Chrissiefizz

Follow UNTOLD on Twitter right here

Unique Swirl

Beyonce totes an awesomery House of Dereon shrimp shell bag

true love for sacco:::

Wauv!! If it's hot. I'll post it hands down. Looks like we are in  the midst of an awesomish MakeUnaTellAM momenta! . POW! Which reminds me ,we are going global. That's right. is the process of becoming a reality. Blogging is no easy task. Trust. Tons & loads of researching. I like to make it not only a blog to find what 's hot, I love to link them for ya.

Let the fun begin. I hope you have a glass of cold water or maybe wine when u look at these. Ready? ok.


I love anmal print. Every woman should have a pair ok, 2 pairs, ok more than one in their wardrobe.


loving the wooden heels. Walk with Care!

SACCO is an italian shoe line to watch out for this spring. Unfortunately it was hard to locate a website for SACCO. Rest assured, a Miami store by the name of DULCE carries the shoe line and they are really pleasant. I love the electric blue SACCO shoe with a gold anklet strap; Italian shoe makers always seem rock it when it comes to wicked shoe design. DULCE  can be contacted at (305) 361-9880 to place an order. According to the buyer at DULCE, SACCO lovers should be on the look out for  the chocolate brown design also with a gold anklet strap, very similar to the blue strappy shoes above.

These are some hot shoes. Rockable with jeans, evening gown. These shoes make a lovely , sexy statement.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I love bangs. I find them deeply romantic and studious all at once. I decided post some awesome shots of what bangs can do for a women especially the stars we love to follow their every move. Bangs don't have to always be straight. You can still rock bangs with a head full of medium curls. Try and it and watch heads turn a good way ofcourse.

photo source: ELLE


curly bangs

Art We LOVE!

I met Linda on a cool Los Angeles day at her home during a privately held exhibit. I was surrounded by 'Who is Who' of the art elite.  I fell in love with her work. I can't wait to have my portrait done by Linda Newman. It must be her use of color in translating her subject's aura/mood.  Below are two paintings from her 2009 exhibit.

To View More of Linda's work , click here

Genuis in the Details.

love the boots as well


And we bagged the best of the best for ya.  I have not posted enough purses or clutches . That's all gonna change. I sat down at my green desk,surrounded by favorite fashion mags, fashion news etcetera, etcetera. . sipping on my warm green tea, wondering how awesome my selection should be. I hope I did not dissapoint.


This is the substitute for Balenciaga handbag
Very Affordable


I usually keep my handbags/clutch basic and if they must be loud , it always done like this petite clutch  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Official Girl Karina Paisian

Fast Forward to NOW ! A MakeUnaTellAm moment. I posted Cassie Ventura's version, but , I found this version. It's pops! This is Karina's version of this yum yum track that pops.


ChicMuse got us super hot. Pleather pants don't seem to be going anywhere soon and neither  is religion or I should I say spirituality. I have always found the most spiritual to be the sexiest people to walk this earth. I love her bun as well.

lovely poncho, makes me miss my poncho i forgot on a train.