Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rhianna at the American Music Awards

This was the best performance of the evening. WE definitely love her choice of outfit. A white bondage catsuit. Also loved her subtle prance on the stage.Catsuits are a must in every fashionista closet. And Rhianna's performance was definitely the best performance of the evening. Enjoy .

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rockers do it WAY better

Hot Pic of the day will have to be this personal snap shot of Lenny Kravitz chillng with his boys Jermaine Dupri (allegedly set to be married to Janet Jackson soon ), award winning record producer, Dallas Austin and of course actor/singer Nelly.

The mega star wattage must have been too much heat for the ladies in New Orleans tonite. As always Mr. Kravitz brought his uber sexy boho style to the party .

Dashiki Lady

diaspora dashiki dress
Photo Cred :Aschobi Designs

West African Ready to Wear line, Aschobi designs brought it again. Yes, I was not going to post this because I don't own all the colors just yet. Comes in blue & tan . Just the sky blue. But it's Dashiki time ! I know it's fall and it's cold but you can always get very creative and err...boho......

That means matching this lovely Dashiki dress with a black long or short sleeve tee. Let's not forget a blazer and it's recession friendly. JC Penney's knows that as well, click away.

I really love the criss cross spaghetti strap of this dress as well as revealing cut on the posterior of the gown. I love DASHIKI!

For inquiries contact Aschobi at info@aschobi.com.

Victorious Rose

Amber Rose is the new face of Boadicea the Victorious

Not too long ago, Amber became an official super model when Ford Modeling agency signed her to a modeling contract. Now she is the spokesmodel for Boadicea the Victorious . A British luxury perfume company founded by stylist Michael Boadicea. YES, a stylist . See? True creativity knows no bounds.

Though Michael Boadicea recently started this awesome perfume house, first lady Michelle Obama is already a fan . Apparently, while in London on a visit Michelle not only purchased one Boadicea the Victorous perfume but 3. Aptly titled Noble, Divine, & Delicate. wow. I guess that's how the pressy likes it.

Shop Boadicea the Victorious and find the perfect scent for your mood. Michael obviously knows a bit about moods. He's appropriately named some of the Boadicea the Victorious perfumes , Adventuresome, Explorer,Majestic, Powerful, Seductive, Alluring, Intense,etc .. All titles that can help any woman meet her deadline for success.

very nice Mikey!

The absolutely fantastic aspect of the Boadicea the Victorious line is that both genders have an opportunity to be equally victorious. YES, there is a men's lines as well as women's line and the titles are sure to make you blow some serious cheddah in order to own one.

It's Fall and Time to get SEXY!

sexify your style with boots!
$1400 and you got one!
More Boots.

Boots and lots of boots are in. If you want to be safe then go with black THIGH boots. Works excellently with skin tight pants, short minis, dresses, you name it. Thigh High boots are all you need to become the original sexy kitten. I am definitely all about boots this fall. omg.

Enjoy fashionistas.

OH shhhhhhhh!!

Photo Cred.

Mama has neglected her blog for too long! I beg your forgiveness....Life has been happening and a whole lotta! and I'ma bring it to y'all! mwahz:! It is November and welcome .

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Girl In Grey

A few posts back, I posted a must-have item in every fashionista closet, the Stella McCartney thigh high perforated high boots. Well, girl of the moment Rhianna---- let's call her Robyn , stepped out in some hot black perforated Stella McCartney Boots and she did it JUSTICE!

Love the double layer mini skirt matched with the V-neck long sleeve top. So, how much are these boots? a whopping $1,400.00! Break the bank already.

For all you legitimate fashionistas, a yellow double/triple layer mini would work perfectly with the grey top.Or this will work.  Gives it a splash of color. To keep it demure you can definitely go with a tan double layer mini.

Geez, we'd love to play dress up like Robyn does everyday...but wait! we already do! This is a lovely makeunatellam moment.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bold Drew

O la la. Drew rocked it at the Toronto Film Festival in an awesomery Alexander McQueen frock. And she even got the hair to match. Well.....would've loved something more sophisticated. Like a neat tight bun.... But C'mon this is what it's all about...having fun. and she did that here:)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Worst Dressed List at VMA's

Solange totally missed the mark on this one. What the hell? She is spotted wearing an Armand Bassi mini dress. Jesus! It sucked . Just like her black coat at New York's Fashion week. Damn!!! Damn. Damn...Damn. This sucks. SUCKS.

This dress looks like something an amateur designer will pull. And when I say amateur I mean, a 3rd grade designer.Frills are tricky and You shouldn't try it unless you know what to do with it..

Amber Rose obviously has a hard time leaving her stripper past behind. What is this? Could this be the real reason Kanye freaked out at the awards....what is this?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chocolate Rhianna

Erotically accurate
Good Girl gone very bad
Mistress Rhianna
This has got to be the most F.I.E.R.C.E pictorial I've seen. Futuristically trendy. Love the sequined Harem pants and leather tube top. OMG! This is awesome. The cut-out leather dominatrix shorts is wicked. And oh, the frills on her dress? Frills are IN as well. We heart this spread. Steven Klein executed this spread the best way possible. Oh we love Rhianna. Lovely pictorial.

Photographed by Steven Klein
Vogue Italia
September '09 Issue

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mrs. Martin makes a run for it.

Omg. Loving the splash of color to this outfit. Nothing hotter than a woman making a run for it in 3 inch heels. sexy mama.


Her boytoy, Chris Brown was just sentenced to 5 years probation for attacking her and it's obvious Rhianna misses her boo or should I say " ex-boo". Rhianna has been spotted looking harem-licious. Hey, harem designs are in. I really love the sheer/transparent black harem pants. Very sexy.

But, hey, It's Rhianna and thankfully she spiced it up with a leopard print suede pumps. Not so sure about the bracelet.

Harem pants: checked, animal print accessory: checked, Cropped sleeveless cape? HOT!

Ashley Olsen TAKES a break

Ashely rocks Azzedine Alaia knee-length patent gladiator sandals
Always wickedly fashion forward
Estimated worth $100 million

According to insiders, Ashley Olsen, the other half of the Olsen twins is thinking of hanging up her design sketch pad as the head designer of uber successful couture label " The Row" to marinate on her next business venture. "The Row" It may be acting, designing, or just being creative as in being an artist. Hey, we don't doubt she's got the talent to successfully pulloff yet another business venture.

Considering she and twin sis, Mary Kate were ranked as the 11th richest women in entertainment industry, she can definitely afford to do as she pleases for the rest of her charmed and hard-working life. At an estimated $100 million net worth.

I have always loved her style . She and Mary Kate are definitely fashion icons. Love their bohemian style.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Invent a Following

Kanye & Amber in SoHo District, NYC

Casual and low-key. Since her Nicki Minaj "hook-up" media has been speculating whether Amber is still an item with Kanye or if she has an open relationship with him. We can tell you that Amber and Kanye are very much an item .

I love Amber's High-Heel Harem sandals . Get a similar look with this metallic Luichiny Rock on Patent Gladiator sandals.

To add to the list of things we love about Amber, she currently has a photo contest on her Twitter aimed at her fans. If you are die-hard Amber fan and want to get closer to the newly famous Beauty, you can snap a cool & UNIQUE photo of yourself and send to Amber via Twitter. If she likes it. She will use your pic as her background page for a week.

Follow Amber on Twitter right here.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Demure in SoHo

Just off her St.Tropez vacation with pal, Kate Moss. Lily Allen was spotted last night leaving the Lazarides Galleries in London's SoHo district.

Miami Baby

Kourtney Kardashian in Miami

From left Kourtney & Khloe
loving Khloe gold cuffs

Khourtney Kardashian, 30, is expecting her first child . Khourtney and sister, Khloe recently relocated to Miami, Florida where they are taping their new E! Reality show, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami. The famed Bentely Hotel in South Beach is the girls' current pad while they house hunt for the purrfect MANSE in South Beach.

According to Daily News, Kourtney is keeping mum about the father of the child. Insiders claim that Kourtney will reveal the identity of the father of her child on her reality show Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.

Naomi Campbell to Marry Russian billionaire

Naomi and Vladislav in Sardinia, Italy aboard a Yacht.

image via mirror.uk

Naomi Campbell, 36 has been dating Russian billionaire,Vladislav Doronin,47, for a year and half now and insiders say that Naomi & Vladislav are to set tie the knot soon. Exactly how much is Vladisaly worth?  $1.5 billion ! wow.

Yes, Naomi , we believe it's love. We hope it's love.

I always liked Naomi. Such classic beauty. She recently went topless for a D&G perfume ad and at 36, we must say, Naomi still has the " it" factor.

St. Tropez frollicking

From Far left: Kate Moss, Lila Grace and singer,Lilly Allen

image via :People.com

Kate Moss has been a very busy woman. Her Kate Moss Topshop collection is flying off the shelves and for excellent reason. They are wearable and affordable by the average woman. But, we definitely didn't know Lilly and Kate were bosom buddies.

According to reports, Kate's vacation of three in Saint Tropez became a vacation for 4 and then some. And this allegedly upset Kate's boyfriend Jamie Hince, but not to the point the vacation needed to be cut short. Everyone including Lilly seems to be enjoying the much needed heat in St. Tropez and break from London.

Elle's Beautiful Life

Elle MacPherson had her first day on the set of CW's "The Beautiful Life" today. She plays "Claudia" a tough owner of a modeling Agency who also happens to a former 80's supermodel. She stays in shape and expects her models to do the same. This ought to be interesting. Why does the Janice Dickinson Modeling agency come to mind?

"The Beautiful Life" is actually an Ashton Kutcher production and it centers on what happens when the runway lights are off and the models are forced to deal with real life and real emotions.

This ought to be interesting, given that MTV's "The Agency" never really took off. The models lacked content besides the obvious fact that they were models.

Insiders are claiming that producers of "The Beautiful Life" are eager to see what Elle can do for this role. She has a pretty huge role and this may be one of those make or break moments for the show.

We are rooting for Elle. For more on CW's "The Beautiful Life" click here.

Street Style

Photo Cred:Elle.com

OMG! is all I have to say. Is it the cut out spandex that makes me love this style or is her sheer top, tied to the side ? The jury is still out. But , what I do know is that I love this style. Black is in and so are cut-outs. I guess a lil' chunky gold cuff wouldn't have hurt. Regardless...this is pretty cool style .

28th Time is a Charm

Kate poses for Mario Testino
Kate Moss does her very first VOGUE cover and it's British VOGUE
March 1993

Kate Moss, Supermodel /Legend is set to grace the September issue of British Vogue and we couldn't be happier. This would make it Kate's 28th Vogue Cover. It seems so long ago when models actually inspired. I remember that time - a time when one look at a Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell or even Helena Christensen spread, you actually start to believe , you too can be a model.

so be sure to pick up your copy of British Vogue this September as it will feature current Fall Trends .

Teyana connects with MOB

That's right Teyana Taylor is the new face of M.O.B. which stands for Married to the Mob. And there's more. Leah, creator and founder of M.O.B. further explained M.O.B. actually stands for " Most Official Bitches", an homage to her close knit circle of girlfriends in NYC.

According to Leah, M.O.B. is meant to inspire opinions . That it does.... M.O.B's "Fuck the Rest","Well Behaved Bitches seldom Make History"t-shirts make this a brand to own in your closet. They are so appropriate for days you you want to make no apologies for being less than expected or pleasant.

Teyana is an cool selection for this line. I think she's always demonstrated her comfort in not being your average chica. You can "Google" her as well. Anyone remember her MTV's Sweet sixteen and her choice of a one of a kind sneakers matched with a multi-color Tulle dress.

To learn more about M.O.B, visit their website. love the white boots with flannel long sleeve mini jumper

Not so Complex Diva

image via Complex.com

Amber just completed one of her first assignments as a Ford Model in the August issue of Complex Magazine. The verdict? It's not too shabby, but it seems a bit expected. I want to see her not so sexy spread. It is a fact this woman is sexy, however in order to reach Supermodel, Legend status, we need to see a different side of Amber.

Amber had to this to say in relation to the "Madonna grabbed Amber's hard ass at the MET ball" incident.

Complex: What was it like meeting Madonna at the Met Gala?

Amber Rose: Well, that night I was around superstar celebrities, and I have to say this: Madonna was the most down-to-earth person there. She was dancing having a good time. Yeah, she put her hand on my butt to take a picture, but who wouldn’t brag about that, it’s fucking Madonna! Madonna reinvents herself every two years, she was amazing, and I put the picture on Twitter to be like, “Hey look, I have a picture with Madonna.” And then everyone’s like, “Oh, they’re having threesomes,” and it’s like, c’mon it’s so not true. It’s a fucking picture, relax.

MakeUnaTellAm : Is it a picture Amber ?  lool

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tickled by Moschino

Yesterday,Solange rocked some really hot shoes. Let's just say seeing them made me feel there has to be a God!! The Moschino brand is a must-have. If for only these two-Faced shoe by Moschino. And it's quite current . They were just featured in the 2009 Moschino Cheap and Chic Fall Runway collection . It's delish. yummy. yum. Yum. I heart this shoe. I love the dual nature of this shoe. Solange perfectly translated this shoe with the help of her androgynous short hair.Ultra femme pink mini matched with gold Samantha Thavasa bag. love it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Solange in Tokyo

Solange, our "true-blood" fashionista rocked her short look to the nth degree in Tokyo alongside big sis, Beyonce,Monday at the Samantha Thavasa press conference. Beyonce and Solange recently became the new spokeswomen for this Japanese brand. Other spokeswomen for the brand have included Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham,Paris Hilton. Samantha Thavasa boasts 130 stores worldwide and it's hard to imagine considering the very first store opened in 2006.

Great job girls. Now what about Solange's dual-color sandal/bootie pumps? LOVE! They are just too cute. I love them .

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I love Beyonce. And her wicked "Sasha Fierce" dance moves make it too easy to fall for this girl.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Introducing Kenzo Lee Honsu

Kimora's Blended Family
" I knew he was the One"---Kimora Lee Simmons
Aoki Lee, Ming Lee, Djimon & Kenzo Lee

photo credit: OK! Magazine

Looks like Aoki Lee and Ming Lee just became big sisters. Entrepreneur, former Karl Lagerfield muse, BabyPhat CEO , Kimora Lee Simmons is a mother for the 3rd TIME and it's a boy. And his name is Kenzo Lee as in Lee-Honsu. That's right. "This is the new blended family" Kimora e.xplained in her OK!Magazine interview. A product of a blended family parents herself,Kimora stays true to her roots. Lucky Kenzo.

Kimora wasted no time confirming her love and connection with Djimon in the OK!Interview. Saying " I knew from the beginning he was the one." We wonder how Russell Simmons feels knowing he was not the one. hmm. Kimora is a wild one. Hey, he's happily dating model Julie Henderson and Noemi Lenoir. Everyone seems happy.

And Kenzo's arrival has definitely deepened Djimon & Kimora's bond. It shows .Word is they've already tied the knot in a secret African ceremony.

In her candid interview with OK! Magazine , Kimora goshes, coos, and maintains her status as Miss Fabulousity.

Kimora has never been the silent type and Kenzo has taken after his mama in personality and Djimon's to die -for looks.

ah..Kimora. we heart u. Never a dull moment with Kimora.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

She's a Beauty.

photo credit:harpersbazaar.com

Salvatore Ferragamo has the purrfect tote and she's leather,tightly woven, small &navy blue. I love the flower. femme-chic.