Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Solange : Adventurous Kitten

from top left, Solange Knowles in a Boxing Kitten "Billie Jumper"
Erykah Badu in Boxing Kitten dress
Boxing Kitten
Solange Knowles and her famous sister, Beyonce were recently spotted out in L.A. night scene and the buzz was not over Beyonce, but over her not so famous sis Solange and what she was wearing . It most definitely looked a whole lot like Ankara. A unique material mainly spotted in African fashions and most recently has sparked immense interest in the high fashion world.

Famous African Fashion houses such as Jewel by Lisa have developed a strong cult following by using high quality ankara brand, Hollandais made in Holland. It is most definitely not a surprise that Neo-Soul artists such as Erykah Badu, Solange are rocking these items. I would love to see Nicole Richie in an ankara item.

The jumper shorts otherwise known as the "Billie Jumper" is a creation of Boxing Kitten. Love this line.

Since it's Ankara celebration.

Do also check out Jewel by Lisa's 2010 summer line presentation at ARISE Fashion week in Johannesburg, South Africa. Just adorable and JBL also uses the highest hollandis brand for her line.

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