Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dashiki Lady

diaspora dashiki dress
Photo Cred :Aschobi Designs

West African Ready to Wear line, Aschobi designs brought it again. Yes, I was not going to post this because I don't own all the colors just yet. Comes in blue & tan . Just the sky blue. But it's Dashiki time ! I know it's fall and it's cold but you can always get very creative and err...boho......

That means matching this lovely Dashiki dress with a black long or short sleeve tee. Let's not forget a blazer and it's recession friendly. JC Penney's knows that as well, click away.

I really love the criss cross spaghetti strap of this dress as well as revealing cut on the posterior of the gown. I love DASHIKI!

For inquiries contact Aschobi at

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