Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boxing Kitten

Whoa! This Boxing Kitten spread conjures up Shakira's " Waka Waka " video. I actually just fell in love with that video. As in a day ago. Il me rappelle l'enfance en Afrique .  BoxingKitten is a total girly line. Remember to input this brand when you think of enhancing your femininity. Anyone recall, Naima ?  Season 4 AMNTM cycle winner, who nabbed her crown in South Africa. The soft spoken, yet determined Naima. The reformed bad girl.      .....This is her twin , Nia.

Nia Mora in Boxing Kitten

Naima Mora(twin sis to Nia)
in an Embroidered Yves Saint Laurent Silk Top

The photographer transformed to model in this BoxingKitten photoshoot. I love BoxingKitten, Solange Knowles was the first to rock this relatively new brand. Since then , Alicia Keyes has also joined the ankara trend.
Nia Mora in BoxingKitten

Unlike many, I don't believe there is a particular season for ankara, as wool is to winter. Ankara is versatile.  dubbed the stepsister to Cotton. The fabric of our livesAnkara is for every season. Boxing Kitten Founder and Creative Director, Maya knows how to perfectly translate the endless beauty in Ankara.

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