Friday, October 29, 2010

My Gold Fetish

There's an absolute timeless elegance about gold.
Blame it on my fashionably narcissistic self. however,
If it is graceful, if it is bold without overreaching.
I am game.

Givenchy delivered a good dose of gold fever in this
omg.beauriful gold embellished gown.

  Tis' the season to be golden .
 Givenchy Gold  Embellished halter gown
Boris Becker with wife, Lilly Kerssenberg.
loving her brown gold studded peep toe pumps.

Golden , We Are. 


  1. I am interested in conducting an interview with you for Magazine writing. You have a great eye .

  2. just emailed you. RESPOND. RESPOND!!!!!

  3. Thank you Carla. check your inbox . :)

  4. Thank you !

    It's awesome. Gold is perfect for the holiday season. I love both styles.


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