Monday, December 27, 2010

Passionately Bohemian

Style is a personal thing. And  for it to be properly executed, one must have the necessary fire to get the job done. And that is what Folake Huntoon does with her electric fashion sense. I don't believe this woman has fear in her vocabulary.She is  calculatingly bold with her sense of style. She inspires, she is  a muse. Bohemian is what this woman is all about. She always transmits a raw earthy sensuality to her outfits and this is my salute to her. Salut!   Did I say Boho as in Bohemian in the last sentence? Oops.  Folake is doing this to me.   Needless to say, I was once again faced with selecting only  4 pictures and repeatedly telling myself, " It's Okay, Mistress, you can write another article on her awesome style." The point is , I identify so much with her style that If I could, I'd post every single one of her styles. She's also been named a Style Icon on Chictopia , MTVStyle . They love her.  And so do we. She is a bold stylist. A true fashionista .

We HEART her Earrings.
Custom Designed by LindaLuDesign 
KemKemStudio Green Shorts Jumpsuit
Excellently worn with GAP Knee High Socks. Layered over SM black fishnet tights
And Cream Colored Steve Madden pump
( I own a pair in brown)
 Always Boho Chic. 
Diggin' the cowboy boots 
And the fishnet stockings.

Folake in a fitted sweater dress. 
We love her choice of color for the bag 
And to prove how bold she is , coupled with
her innate understanding for color
She chose  gray boots
rather than  brown
And it works!

Great style begins with confidence and Folake , founder and head designer of WeWe Clothing, has it in abundance. GREAT PERSONAL STYLE, indeed.

Photo Credit: Folake Huntoon

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