Thursday, March 31, 2011

Purple Injection

I am a true sucker for versatile shoes and versatile colors. When I style for the day, I find that one single shoe, an earring, a necklace can inspire a whole month or week of awesome style ideas. And this lovely gold studded suede stiletto do it for me. You can easily rock washed out tight or skinny jeans matched with a simple white tee and and blazer and voila, you are set. Or, you can rock this with a brown , white or grey baby doll dress and the shoe still makes the statement. Like many of you, I love a bargain. I once bought a 5 inch J-Lo shoes for $5! I know. Days like that, a girl  feels like the luckiest chic alive!

I digress, this post is about the purple wonder  gold heeled PUMPS. They are workable and utterly lovable. For $49, you can get a pair by clicking on  this link to place you order! mwah.

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