Monday, June 13, 2011

Goody SPIN PIN is good Enough

O la la! Goody Spin Pin to the rescue for the perfect bun , ponytail and lots more!  For many women, styling the perfect bun can be an excruciating task ,depending on hair volume and texture. For Goody Spin Pin, thick, thin, slippery, non slippery is simply not a problem.  You are guaranteed the perfect bun , no matter what.

  Julia Roberts pictured in a bun styled using Goody Spin Pin.
It takes only 2 spin pins to get this style!

Just as the name suggests, you only have to spin the Spin Pin at the base of your hair clockwise and it spins your hair into the perfect bun ! It won't untangle later on, until you are ready to take them out. All this, with the use of only 2 Spin Pins! You don't say ?! Well, ah hum, it's true folks. I used the Goody Spin Pin today in my hair and I have long thick locs! And very thick hair. It looked beautiful and it only took me 30 seconds to style my hair.And get this, 2 Spin Pins do the work of 20!! hair pins. Wow! This is an amazing invention for women everywhere. Treat yourself to a Spin Pin and become an instant Pro! at styling the perfect bun.

Goody Spin Pin 

Here's a tutorial

The price range for the Goody Spin Pin  is anywhere from $6.49 to $7.99 per packet. For the big Spin Pins , simply known as Spin Pin, it comes 2 per packet. For mini Spin pins, you get 3 spin pins. Make Una Tell Am recommends Target, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy in order to purchase your Goody Spin Pin. Click here for a tutorial.

We rate this item an A+.

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