Friday, September 16, 2011

True Love is Amazing

I am a bird watcher. I am an observer. And this is what I have observed concerning true love. It is quite powerful. In fact, it can move mountains. It attracts the very best into the recipient's life. In fact, I was speaking to a friend the other day and the topic was love. I remember telling him about the power of love and how it serves as an impetus to bringing to life, one's deepest desires. True love is definitely a soulmate sort of  tale. It's a marriage between two complimentary souls. I have many true loves .

Now, why some feel it, experience it , live it , and others don't, can only be explained as divine order in one way or the day.  Maybe some of us are so picky, we are stuck on the scoring  the " imagined" package as we have all dreamed of since the moment we could daydream about prince charming or princess charming.

I have taken into account, the various accounts of people I know who are in love , and in each story, I found that they each took a leap of faith , in one way or the other. So, I guess, if one truly wants true love, you have to be willing to gamble a bit, take a leap. Jump and the wings of love will catch and protect you.

Extremely happy for Mobi . Stay strong and  rock on!

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