Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dashingly Kourtney

Kourtney with beau, Scott Disick after a visit to their therapist!

Way cool! And we love Kourt's Lena Erziak brown coconut ball purse! You can also cop her subtly seductive creamhorse print dress by ASOS. Kourtney is beyond hot to me! 
At Make Una Tell Am, we dissect style. You probably want her sunglasses as well, well, look no farther than Kourtney's own label to cop one!! They are just $21.00!! ( very affordable, skip the 6 trips to your local Burger King , already )  . A sweet trip to the online store of Kardashian Kollection sunglasses, will sing the sweetest song to your fashionably corrupt heart, thus purifying it, thus making it pure once again. lol ( that makes zero sense!) lol .

 Prada leopard pumps

Prada dalmatian 3 inch Oxfords. And the dress is a Finder's Keepers. 

Ok. I guess it's time to actually convey what this post is about. Well, it's about a beautiful Kardashian woman, by the name of Kourtney Kardashian, you know, Mason's mommy. ( Did I mention little Mason shares a birthday with my little guy...sweeet!!!, except mine is 2 years older ) However, the Mistress  chose to feature Korutney because she is a reputable fashion icon ad we don't want her to get lost in the shuffle . The shuffle of being lost in her younger sister's shadow. Kim Kardashian is a beautiful young woman, but I have tremendous respect for Kourtney for defying the norm and living life on her own terms.

 Are we loving her House of Holland for Pretty Polly Alphabet tights.? YES! Booties are by YSL

Trend setters, never follow the trend , they create the trend and that's what Kourtney does with her organic and admirable sense of style.  Ok. ok, it takes one to know one and I admire Kourtney's guts to remain with Scott Disick and what I admire even more is her transparency. So, what she goes to therapy with her beau? Her Baby-Daddy . I have found that the most healthy in our society are NOT the ones who have lived a life devoid of challenges, but those who overcame those challenges and renewed the life source.Those who brace the rough at times turbulent currents and never losing their center amidst the storm.

Kourtney photographed with Mason Disick .
( Even though , my beau, Daniel screams each time, I carry my son to the car without his shoes, I am still a sucker for the bohemian in life) So Bravo!!! , once again Kourt. 

 Koutney rocks dalmatian print Prada booties.  I have never seen Kim or Khloe be so fashion forward
Kourtney is a definite trend setter. It is a term I will not acquiesce to Kim or Khloe. Their styles are very regular and stuffy.

 Kourtney in a Rachel Roy skirt, photographed with younger sis, Kim Kardashian. wowza!!! love it.

It's Autumn in New York  and we love this ensemble as well . 

Rumor has it Kourney is no stranger to frolicking in the lady pond.

Kourtney Kardashian . A reputable fashionista

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