Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rihanna's dream vacay in Capri. My favorite Pisces

What I really love about this photo, is the independence of it all. Most women in the industry never stop to think of the ability to enjoy this type of lifestyle without the assistance of the boyfriend. We call this self-made , y'all and it is super attractive. Love the bubbly aka la champagne by the sea ! love. love. love.

And the roses. sublime! The lesson in this is , that it  pays to work hard  and most of all: Believe in the power of your dreams.

Oh My Gawd! Rihanna. Oh My Gawd. The pillows, the sunscreen in the basket and oh , yes, the fact that it is Capri. Coveted vacay spot for celebs, dating back to the Brigitte Bardot , Frank Sinatra days. This makes us wonder why Tierra Marie didn't make it this far? We call ' am, ' it's hard to create class overnight '. You rock Rih Rih. And so is Melyssa, ran into her at the H& M store at the Century City Mall [The best mall ever in all of Los Angeles and she rocks and smells wonderful]

And he will cherish this trip for the rest of his life, in fact, he'll score coveted gigs because of this trip .
[The gift that keeps giving ]
Basically, if you cannot afford a private DJ for 4 on Yacht. [You are still not ballin'!]

Classic shot and we heart this type of enjoyment!
below : best friends are best friends for good reason :-)

The view is breathtaking. It screams " The World is Mine!

Loving that Chanel purse. Perfect color for the festive mood.

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