Friday, December 23, 2011

Rihanna Love : All Day 'Er day.

Rihanna is a bonafide superstar; she is totally unafraid to re-invent herself. And that is what I adore about her,  She is the black Madonna. I believe her career will last as long ,if not longer than that of Madonna's.  I love this Pisces . Her love interest in the video sure resembles Chris Brown[ But it isn't Chris. He is  a British model by the name of  Dudley O'Shaughnessy] and it is possible this song is about Chris.  Major buzz was created when Chris Brown rewteeted Rihanna's tweet about this song, so there you have it.  And I love her British accent in the beginning . Wow!!! Could she also have another calling ? That is to be a Screen Siren. I can't wait. I love artists with depth. Those who bleed through their craft. Not the fakers. I love you Rih-Rih. This Scorpio adores you .

This is such a sexy video. I love it, reminds me so much of Trainspotting. Love so many scenes in this video. This is  HOT!!! much love for the garter belt. Hot. h-ot! and that tattoo scene, that's therapeutic. ..omg  ahh!!!! good job. now,

Talk That Talk
Basically ' Kiss This Ass ' : I'm gonna softly bite it Rih-Rih !!

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