Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make Una Tell Am NOD

I love Cassie and Diddy's styles in this photo. 
        Who knew Cassie would keep her Liverpool punk  hairstyle this long ?
 She and Diddy perfectly complete each other in this picture.!
I recall a birthday party my 6 year old toddler attended,
 I dressed him just like Diddy in this picture.
His pant suit with his Superman t-shirt underneath. 

 How to get Cassie's look , right. Well, it's simple! and you can even add your personal stamp, by choosing a different color print for her tights. However, the most important accessory is her blazer and you can get one right here .

Shop American Apparel for a variety of tights.

For her pumps, you can also add your personal stamp when making that selection. However, you can go with these.

I usually hate white shoes, but I love how it was styled with Cassie's look here.

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