Thursday, November 29, 2012

For the Love of Rhianna.

       Just minding my business on a social networking site and I catch news that " badgalriri" graduated from posting topless pictures of her body online to bottomless picture. Yes , that ass, is immediately what runs through my head .

Love this!

      So, I dare to go where many have gone. Rhianna's instagram and I maintain that I love me some Pisces loving. If you've ever been with one--- man or woman, it's fucken awesome! Glad to give a great progress report on both genders. I'd totally marry a Pisces woman. Yes, I omitted the male Pisces, I'd run him over with my bossy nature, but with a woman, no wars, just love. A sweet love.  --maybe turn full on lesbian. Only for the pretty fish, no other sign.  So, here are pics for the day of BADGEH RiRi.

      Maybe my Scorpio sef can't get enough of a Pisces.

photosource: badgalriri instagram 

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