Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Girl In Grey

A few posts back, I posted a must-have item in every fashionista closet, the Stella McCartney thigh high perforated high boots. Well, girl of the moment Rhianna---- let's call her Robyn , stepped out in some hot black perforated Stella McCartney Boots and she did it JUSTICE!

Love the double layer mini skirt matched with the V-neck long sleeve top. So, how much are these boots? a whopping $1,400.00! Break the bank already.

For all you legitimate fashionistas, a yellow double/triple layer mini would work perfectly with the grey top.Or this will work.  Gives it a splash of color. To keep it demure you can definitely go with a tan double layer mini.

Geez, we'd love to play dress up like Robyn does everyday...but wait! we already do! This is a lovely makeunatellam moment.


  1. What's up with the gothic lipstick?

  2. She's definitely reinvented herself..

  3. Scentified , " Goth " , my friend. But it looks great on her ;)


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