Friday, January 21, 2011

A Million and 1 Reasons to LOVE McCartney

Stella McCartney PreFall 2011
PhotoCred : Elle

Have you ever wondered how top fashion designers maintain their status? I doubt the fashion consumer gives it a second thought, much less a single thought. All we want is fresh concepts delivered at our door each time. Guess what ? Stella McCartney, creative genius never fails to remind us that this is what she was born to do and she does deliver. 

Now, we know for sure Stella does love us!Fashionistas.

It is just mid January in the year of our Lord 2011 and she hits us with her Pre-Fall line and it is marvelous. 80's fashion , 60's fashion, medieval fashion never goes out of style. Fashion is recycled every season, if you pay attention. Two years ago, stars like Rhianna were snapped ducking paparrazi in 80's shoulder tops, dresses and it seems Stella is bringing it back again in 2011!

We just had to take a sweet moment, to say " Merci , Madame McCartney ". This is lovely

I particularly adore the evening black lace tulle dress. Not to mention , the knitted wide-armed top with its multicolored triangular designs. It also appears that the skinny pants is not going out of fashion just yet , reminds me of the Salawar ,worn in India.  Stella reintroduces it in this Fall line. As a mommy, I adore the loose fitted shirt dress, worn over the Salawar.
Can't wait for the fall season.


  1. Love all the looks..I woudl wear them all...very fun and creative cuts and prints

  2. Sarah McCartney brings it EACH TIME! Thank you for your comments, as always :-)


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