Friday, April 1, 2011

Heart Chronicles by Mistress

Good Morning Everyone! It took me 6 whole months to be where I am today, this moment and I am so grateful. A common denominator present in creative minds is their sharp sensitivity to life. This sensitivity can take the form of happiness which serves as a strong catalyst for joyful creativity ( my native language)or it can take the form of pain which in turn produces lack of energy to write, to do. Obviously part of this human experience is that we all have good , bad and really terrible experiences. I had one of those traumatic experiences and I thought and feared I'd never get well. It is the first day of April and I am so grateful to feel like me again . Along with this feeling, comes a sense of confidence and optimism about life. Optimism I wasn't so sure I'd ever feel again. I can only be thankful. I consider this a second chance to 'chase my dreams and beat them into submission. '  I will also post more articles concerning life experiences, filed under the life lessons folder At the moment, I am considering starting a secondary more personal blog. Still not sure, but more than likely I will start a new blog also accessible via MakeUnaTellAm. Listening to the song below at the moment. Press play, you might like it. The lyrics is not what I care for rather the awesome beats and engineering.

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