Thursday, July 7, 2011

She is a princess

Hello my beautiful people. Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July. I did , it was very restful and I probably need to work out like never before, after the gluttonous consumption of too much good food this 3 day weekend.

New Princess of Monaco, South African, Charlene Wittstock
Wedding gown designed by Chanel., I digress, CHARLENE WITTSTOCK was definitely  more gorgeous on her wedding day than, the other commoner, now deine Prinzessin, A ROYAL,  Kate Middleton, the new Duchess of Cambridge. Most women will tell you, that they are a princess, but, here's a goodwill pinch to ' pretty please come back to reality.'

 Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, accompanied by her boyfriend at her uncle, Prince Albert of Monaco's wedding.

Okay, let me get to it. After decades of avoiding marriage, it came as a surprise to the whole world that Prince Albert of Monaco got hitched! All this, after reports surfaced that Prince Albert had in fact two children out of wedlock. This is my analysis of Prince Albert. They are as follows:

 Prince Alberto and Charlene Wittstock exchange vows
I found this picture to be moving and symbolic.
love the the placement of the chairs in front of them. 

  • He has a weakness for all things African. 
  • He loves African women and I am tempted to ask if, 
  • It is really love between he and Charlene, given Prince Albert has a strong weakness for all things dark and lovely , aka robust African nana's. lol!

  Princess Maxima and Prince Willen-Alexander
attend Prince Albert's nuptials.

Rumor has it that he and Charlene had been dating for quite a few years , now , but was he pressured into marrying a lighter skinned woman to please the palace? Well, either way, if it didn't start as love, we hope it grows into the real deal.

 Mary of Denmark accompanied by Prince Frederik 
love her hat. 

photo cred.

loves it !

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