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Now some may think that the family member who has done everything he/she was asked will make them confident. It does not. Some " high-achievers" --(serious emphasis on SOME, because it's not all) could not be jealous. For what ? The truth is that what makes us beautiful has very little to do with material comforts . Jealousy is an affliction of the soul. In fact...it must have something to do with refusing to honor ones uniqueness.  ---READ ON FOR THE LOST ONES. ~ The Mistress

Jealous family members do exist, and they can cause a problem with family overall. They are not an urban legend or a strange delusion, as we would believe. Family and all of our interactions with them are supposed to be a blessing. But, if you have a jealous family, you feel absolutely cursed.
There’s a saying that goes, “Blood is thicker than water”. In my opinion, it’s obviously more jealous, too. It’s so sad to know that jealousy would motivate your aunts, cousins, or even your siblings to hurt you worse than strangers off the street.
Strangely, I’ve also had horrible luck in dealing with jealous relatives in my life. It could have been worse, but it’s a shame that jealousy even occurs within family units. I suppose that we can say it’s just human nature, but it’s so unnecessary.

How to deal with jealous family members

Keep your mouth shut. While you cannot remove yourself from the family tree, you can easily manage any jealous family members that you have. The most important step is to keep them out of your personal business. They do not need to know that you are purchasing a new home, awaiting a promotion, or even dating a new partner.
You do not want your goals or current events set as the main discussion at their dinner table. They will simply devour it and speak negativity over your situation. Do not fuel the fire for their gossip and their negative talk.
Remove the guilt. Do not feel guilty that you are pulling away by not sharing your life story with them. Sometimes, you just have to love people from far away. It’s easy to feel that you are being the bad guy when you are simply trying to protect yourself.
Family Gatherings. If they invite you to family functions, you can still attend. You just have to be mindful about what you share with them. There is nothing wrong with enjoying their company.
However, in most cases, you will find that certain relatives who harbor jealousy will usually not invite you to their events. You should not despair, and you should not force your way into their world either. It is probably best that you limit your physical interactions with them as well.
Avoid Confrontational Methods. A lot of gurus advise that a person should call a family meeting to discuss these details, but a lot of times it only makes the drama last longer. Shy away from the all-out confrontations or planning any Dr. Phil style interventions.
The most important thing for you to remain is a loving, caring individual and not allow the antics of jealous family members to make you bitter. This may sound weird, but become the peace that you seek from your family.

It Is Not Your Problem

Sometimes, these same jealous relatives may be conflicted in some sense. They may actually be proud of you yet jealous that they were not able to achieve the same as you.
While that is sad, it is not your problem. You shouldn’t have to be overly humble and be ashamed of your milestones so you don’t offend jealous family members.
In time, you will either find that your absence has made their heart grow fonder of you or that nothing has changed. You can only control the actions of yourself and gain some peace by doing so. ~ article by MzIndependent

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