Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When Hatred Is Inherited

           Why do talentless people always want to attack peaceful and confident souls? Why do some think a Degree adds more life or sense of importance to their decrypt lives?  It really doesn't and we shall give a few examples in this write-up. Life is a very interesting stage, especially when people who should love you, secretly wish for your downfall and don't really wish the best for you even when they act like they do . That Familial tin!

      The funny thing about life is how insecure  people walk around thinking that some want what they have or that they are better. Take for instance a teenage girl who got pregnant , gave birth and still lives at home with her daughter; she really has no place to even judge children whose parents are divorced or single parents. In essence she is a very single mother. And her child is still being raised in a single parent home.

      This brings me to another topic: boundaries. Everyone should have boundaries. When people want to walk away from your life, you must let them. There is no need in dialoguing with them to stay. If they felt your presence in their lives, mattered, they would have tried to make it work. Therefore, it is completely childish to harass a person who says," I want nothing to do with you. "

     It is doubly laughable to call your mother and father to get involved. I don't think any separation, is worth that sort of energy. I am equally amazed at how people would form uneducated opinions, about something they know very little about...yet the hold several degrees. This goes to show that some people are really lost without books . If you left them in a jungle, they won't survive. Maybe haters are really fans in disguise. Paging my Ambassasor...jor!

    Mitt Romney is a Harvard graduate. Yes, you heard me right, but listen to his speeches and you just may come to conclusion that maybe just maybe, Harvard and degrees mean zilch. How else can you explain the inability ,of many college graduates in securing gainful jobs which actually have a thing or two do with their area of discipline in college?

According to a report by CBS, in fact, half of college graduates cannot get a job. And this is why .

      Can lack of college degree  tear family members apart? yes and no. Yes, because no one wants to have to take care of someone who is old enough to care of  his/herself. No, because a family love should always be unconditional. Family is a facade. Especially with aunts who are jealous of ones mother. No wonder!

      Not all that glitters is gold. Behind the golden gates of a palace, the poorest attributes of human nature find a comfortable home to fester and destroy anything good which tries to make its home there. Famous people sometimes are forced to suffer in silence. No one wants to be the first to ruin the golden tower. So, the jealous ones attack anyone who shows promise, the aggrieved has to confide in only a select few, and still try to uplift a golden name/ " legacy" .

      Now, the issue of marriage, why do many think that because marriage, a college degree, their insecurities is at the top of their priority list in life, that another holds the very same priorities in his/her life? Unoriginal people are terrible to be around. Small minded people are equally annoying. I have so little patience for them, which is why, I want absolutely nothing to do with anyone whose only reason for life is to keep up with the Joneses. Such people never ever find true happiness.

     Hmm...we wonder if keeping up with Joneses was the cause of an illegitimate child? Well, that's for the Ellams to decide. I won't assume, there is no need to assume. Non-issue is what they are and will always be in my life.

Ise o!

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