Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Elle's Beautiful Life

Elle MacPherson had her first day on the set of CW's "The Beautiful Life" today. She plays "Claudia" a tough owner of a modeling Agency who also happens to a former 80's supermodel. She stays in shape and expects her models to do the same. This ought to be interesting. Why does the Janice Dickinson Modeling agency come to mind?

"The Beautiful Life" is actually an Ashton Kutcher production and it centers on what happens when the runway lights are off and the models are forced to deal with real life and real emotions.

This ought to be interesting, given that MTV's "The Agency" never really took off. The models lacked content besides the obvious fact that they were models.

Insiders are claiming that producers of "The Beautiful Life" are eager to see what Elle can do for this role. She has a pretty huge role and this may be one of those make or break moments for the show.

We are rooting for Elle. For more on CW's "The Beautiful Life" click here.

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