Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Introducing Kenzo Lee Honsu

Kimora's Blended Family
" I knew he was the One"---Kimora Lee Simmons
Aoki Lee, Ming Lee, Djimon & Kenzo Lee

photo credit: OK! Magazine

Looks like Aoki Lee and Ming Lee just became big sisters. Entrepreneur, former Karl Lagerfield muse, BabyPhat CEO , Kimora Lee Simmons is a mother for the 3rd TIME and it's a boy. And his name is Kenzo Lee as in Lee-Honsu. That's right. "This is the new blended family" Kimora e.xplained in her OK!Magazine interview. A product of a blended family parents herself,Kimora stays true to her roots. Lucky Kenzo.

Kimora wasted no time confirming her love and connection with Djimon in the OK!Interview. Saying " I knew from the beginning he was the one." We wonder how Russell Simmons feels knowing he was not the one. hmm. Kimora is a wild one. Hey, he's happily dating model Julie Henderson and Noemi Lenoir. Everyone seems happy.

And Kenzo's arrival has definitely deepened Djimon & Kimora's bond. It shows .Word is they've already tied the knot in a secret African ceremony.

In her candid interview with OK! Magazine , Kimora goshes, coos, and maintains her status as Miss Fabulousity.

Kimora has never been the silent type and Kenzo has taken after his mama in personality and Djimon's to die -for looks.

ah..Kimora. we heart u. Never a dull moment with Kimora.

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