Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not so Complex Diva

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Amber just completed one of her first assignments as a Ford Model in the August issue of Complex Magazine. The verdict? It's not too shabby, but it seems a bit expected. I want to see her not so sexy spread. It is a fact this woman is sexy, however in order to reach Supermodel, Legend status, we need to see a different side of Amber.

Amber had to this to say in relation to the "Madonna grabbed Amber's hard ass at the MET ball" incident.

Complex: What was it like meeting Madonna at the Met Gala?

Amber Rose: Well, that night I was around superstar celebrities, and I have to say this: Madonna was the most down-to-earth person there. She was dancing having a good time. Yeah, she put her hand on my butt to take a picture, but who wouldn’t brag about that, it’s fucking Madonna! Madonna reinvents herself every two years, she was amazing, and I put the picture on Twitter to be like, “Hey look, I have a picture with Madonna.” And then everyone’s like, “Oh, they’re having threesomes,” and it’s like, c’mon it’s so not true. It’s a fucking picture, relax.

MakeUnaTellAm : Is it a picture Amber ?  lool


  1. this is one of the hottest pics of this girl .

  2. my favorite amber.


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