Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teyana connects with MOB

That's right Teyana Taylor is the new face of M.O.B. which stands for Married to the Mob. And there's more. Leah, creator and founder of M.O.B. further explained M.O.B. actually stands for " Most Official Bitches", an homage to her close knit circle of girlfriends in NYC.

According to Leah, M.O.B. is meant to inspire opinions . That it does.... M.O.B's "Fuck the Rest","Well Behaved Bitches seldom Make History"t-shirts make this a brand to own in your closet. They are so appropriate for days you you want to make no apologies for being less than expected or pleasant.

Teyana is an cool selection for this line. I think she's always demonstrated her comfort in not being your average chica. You can "Google" her as well. Anyone remember her MTV's Sweet sixteen and her choice of a one of a kind sneakers matched with a multi-color Tulle dress.

To learn more about M.O.B, visit their website. love the white boots with flannel long sleeve mini jumper

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