Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Joseph Altuzarra, Correctly Connected

French born Joseph Altuzarra is a name you should remember. Already creating a buzz amongst the elite, in the fashion world; Joseph is definitely here to stay and entice us with his deconstruction and layering genius. Did I mention he primarily uses stretch fabric to create his masterpieces? Joseph's entrance into the fashion world feels like a homecoming.

Joseph Altuzarra Spring 2010
He has definitely mastered the wonderful balance between patchwork, layering and keeping it sexy for the modern woman. Hard to imagine, the 25 year old Art History student, never planned on a career in fashion. The elite, we mean the power players like Carrie Roitfeld of French Vogue is a fierce supporter of Altuzara.

Joseph Altuzarra Spring 2010

Joseph Altuzarra Fall 2009

Joseph Altuzara Spring 2010


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