Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Tell the Truth!" says UK to Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Ad pulled off the airwaves in the UK

Apparently, an Ad must do what it says it will do. This is according to the UK Advertising Commission , translation watchdogs. According to UK News, Louis Vuitton aired a handbag Advertisement which depicted a woman hand sewing a handbag with a thread with words stating "The seamstress with linen thread" and creation by "infinite patience". Sounds good , no ? Except that Louis Vuitton handbags are machine manufactured not hand. 

Quite frankly, who cares really? We know Louis Vuitton does not hand make its handbags. But on second thought I can see where the UK officials are going with this. It is misleading. very. 
However if you want handmade bags, check out  Matthew McConaughey's baby mama, Camilla Alves' line MUXO.

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