Wednesday, July 14, 2010

C for Chloe

 Rachel Bilson carrying a Chloe Luxe bag.

Jessica Alba totes a Chloe Luxe bag. 

What a beautiful bag! we love it.In addition to the ankle zipper jeans. The scene stealer has to be the Chloe Luxe bag.It is clearly illogical not to own one.

   Chloe Anna Bag

Chloe Tan lambskin "Anna" bag is made of rick lamb leather and it's attractiveness is enhanced by the oversize buckles. That along with it's adjustable shoulder strap. This is such a versatile bag. I prefer it in brown, happens to be one of  my favorite colors. If you don't own a chloe purse, it's time to get one. A price point of $200 is what you should anticipate. Be grateful, it is well worth it.

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