Thursday, July 1, 2010

Polka Dot Afternoon

Rhianna pictured with personal assistant Melissa Forde in L.A. last week

I love this ensemble. It's fresh, it's happy and very feminine. Yes, even with the fedora hat.The strapless bustier top totally adds so much femme sexiness to the polka dot chiffon mini skirt. ooo lala!!!! And um, Melissa seems to be channeling an androgynous style mechanic. fashion for me is definitely about making bold choices and commanding a look in its entirety.

Lipsy Frill Polka Dot Top

Audrey Dot Bustier

Okay, so obviously it's time to go polka dot wild and place your personal stamp to your polka dot frenzy. She's a beauty.totally recommend adding a yellow flower to your hair when you rock this. 

If it is an ultra sexy afternoon? Especially for this weekend.  Then rock this
totally workable afternoon loveliness!

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