Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier debuts La Perla

Remember Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour? Good, well, remember those coned bras Lady M rocked that I am pretty sure every girl wanted when she was all grown -up? Good. The Designer of the prestigious Cone Bra, Jean Paul Gaultier has teamed up with respected French Lingerie Fashion House , La Perla! . Now we can all play sexy , playful Madonna to our mates in the privacy of our respective bedrooms.

 La Perla by Jean Paul Gaultier

I remember the first time I learned about La Perla, I was visiting my sister at her home in Orange County,California. Damn. damn..the price tags on La Perla lingerie is enough to make you scream , "why?!" . They are expensive and for good reason. Elegantly made with a woman's self esteem in mind. We love this collaboration . Mark your calendar for November and watch your piggy bank in order to cop a La Perla lingerie designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. at a Jean Paul Gaultier or La Perla store. You will not regret it  and your partner won't either.Spice, ladies. spice.

La Perla by Jean Paul Gaultier

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