Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Johanssen SpokesModel for MANGO

 Mango SS/10
White Lace Mango Dress ♥
Mango SS/10
 Mango Camel Sleevless TrenchCoat Dress SS/10

Scarlett in a Mango Ad Spring/Summer 2010
Mango Fall/Winter 2010

Adding yet another season, another Mango Campaign Ad under her belt. Scarlett Johanssen has signed on to be the Mango Fall/Winter 2010 line  Spokesmodel . Mango is a Spanish label that understands the sensual relationship between a woman and her clothes. Muey Caliente!  Given just how lovely she did for the Spring/Summer 2010 Mango campaign ,the tink tanks at Mango are doing a great job .And this, is definitely up my alley. What's not to love about Mango, with a color palette celebrating whites, grays, rich reds and of course Scarlett, The Girl With the Pearl Earring as its Spokesmodel?  This is great collaboration. It's safe to say, Scarlett is doing an awesome given that  her predecessor was Penelope Cruz. Great job Ladies! This is an AWESOME line.

What We Heart About Mango 
                                                   ♥ The use of a ribbon as belts.
                                                   ♥ Use of  Grays, Reds, Navy,CAMEL,pinks
                                                   ♥ Love the Sleeveless Trench Coat dress.

 This Mango is so sweet.

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