Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lighter Skin By Any Means Necessary?

I could not stop feeling so sad for these women. However, I personally know dark women who hate the skin they were born in. Is there an underlying psychological disorder to this perception? Based on this video clip, undoubtedly , there is an underlying psychological disorder and it is called insecurity. Being a Nigerian woman, there are so many Nigerian women who bleach their skin and I wonder if these women ever notice their blotchy and unnatural skin tone after the use of bleaching creams. Two of the most active ingredients found in bleaching creams are Arsenic and Mercury. Arsenic is poison and Mercury,when used in copious amounts can actually shut down one's kidneys.In all honestly, there is nothing gorgeous about bleached skin. It's sickening. Ladies, please love the skin you were born in. STOP BLEACHING YOUR SKIN!

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