Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miu Miu Stitched Platform Sandals

This is so adorable. I am a sandals junkie. I love sandals. Especially well- made, heavily stitched, and platform.I remember  my mother's photo album circa 1960' and the numerous photographs of platform stitched sandals and simply wanting to teleport those awesome platforms to modern day.  Well, lucky for us, Miuccia Prada delivered the perfect sandal in these Miu Miu  heavily stitched platform sandals .

I love the double buckle on the double ankle strap of this sandal. It's well made and I heart the cutout and semi circular cutout straps which extends down the vamp of this heavily stitched sandal.

These shoes retail at $595 at Barney's New York and SaksFifthAvenue It comes in Mallard Blue, Cream and Brown. 
Depending on where you choose to purchase these awesome sandals, you may be able to save a whopping 
$119 of the $595 retail price tag.

 Miu Miu Stiched Platform Sandals in Brown

I believe in love,
I believe in style,
Stitched sandals, 
with padded insole,
Leather  DOUBLE ankle strap adorned,
double gold buckles
Make me believe in , 
in shoe heaven.  

                            "Life's a stage", so it's best to look good while you're on it." ~ Miu Miu motto.

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