Saturday, April 2, 2011

Print Me Boho

Ever since I heard of Jewel by Lisa, I have been a die-hard fan and supporter. And for rightful raison! It's such a unique line and my wardrobe is filled with majority of Jewel By Lisa designs. This is an ideal line for artists and fashion forward fashionistas or in the Jewel By Lisa style dictionary, a Jewelette! I love head designer, Lisa Folawiyo's interpretation of all things Ankara ,Print and her daring mixture of silk, embellishments, beading and more than anything her genius placement of embellishment on the collar of some of her designs. I guess, I am holding on for dear life, until she decides to make suits for women!

As usual, I am such a sucker for beauty, I am almost a beauty glutton. Bwahahahaha! It was very tough to choose a minimum # of designs to post on this blog. And as I write this, I am leaning towards posting every single design of hers ranging from her Autumn/Winter 2011and Spring/Summer 2011, which I adore. But hey, everything in sweet moderation, abi? lol . It's Spring season and just this once, we should do like Romans  in Rome and adhere to tradition.

Enjoy my beauties.

 Jewel By Lisa S/S 2011
PhotoCredit : Jewel By Lisa

This is the perfect line for all Bohemian princesses and queens. The Wrap Dress is simply presh. But I'll be lying if I neglected the Body Con dress at the very top. Ah yum . yum. YUM. So where can you place your orders? It depends. If you are in Los Angeles, a simple trip to Zainab on Melrose Avenue will score you a Jewel By Lisa thread. If not in L.A, you can visit Temple Muse and place your order there. Enjoy! What's not to enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for this blog! Always searching for african fashion. Thank you.


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