Sunday, August 7, 2011

Laced in Prada

If Lace, the fabric could speak, what language would she speak ? And yes, Lace is female. Very female. I think she'll speak langue femelle.  For quite some time now, I have been obsessed with all things lace. Blame it on finally being at my prime as a woman . This is a wonderful place to be and should be celebrated! I opt for lace.

Miuccia Prada
By the way the Miuccia Prada pics posted here are from her Fall 2008 line.  Any true fashionista knows good fashion never goes out of style. It just gets recycled. 

Prada with an erotic twist!
Lovely dress indeed. Love the length , definitely wouldn't mind it a wee bit shorter!
" Lace is symbolic of the whole of women's lives. " - Miuccia

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