Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lipstain stains Cover Girl

Is the new Cover Girl Lipstain really worth all the hype? The only certainty in anything Cover Girl has to be lucrative deal to have, Drew Barrymore as spokeswoman for Cover Girl Lipstain; she definitely makes the effortless sale for new Cover Girl Lipstain.

At some point, the product should live up to its name and its promise. The application of Lipstain seems to be a daunting task, considering that the Lipstain does not seem to want to come out on the lips. I found myself having to use a nearby Post-In to dab on the pen-like Lipstain applicator, in effort to get the ill-designed pen to work,  to bleed !! Lipcolor and stain my luscious lips with the " saucy plum" , the brand I chose to stain my lips with for the day .

Cover Girl Lipstain

"Dear Cover Girl, create a new and improved Lipstain . Release a statement, already!"~The Mistress for Make Una Tell Am.  Until that happens, Make Una Tell Am rates the Cover Girl Lipstain an F! due its poor design and zero practicality when it comes to fulfilling its promise as a long lasting lip color. Ladies, you'd fare better sticking with a regular lipstick!

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