Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product of Naomi Campbell's Fashion God Father

OMG! these are divine. These are the new Azzedine Alaia be-jeweled pumps. What can a woman do in these? Or should the question be ' What can the millennial woman not do in these? '  Here are some awesome ideas, on how to let these lovely 5.5 inch pumps do the talking for you. Pair these with solids.Bright solids will draw the right attention to these. Solid cream or even a solid cream skirt with a neon or green colors sold top. It's summer. $800 is not too much to ask for these babies. At least we can't blame Papa Alaia for making painful shoes like Louboutin.

You can at least bet on the comfort at a fraction of a Christian Louboutin pumps. I'd pair this with a bright fuchsia mini mod dress.or even Jeans :-) the sky is the limit with these. If a shoe inspires, then stylist becomes your inner middle name.

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