Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Photographer behind UnsignedModelSearch

Helena Christensen

The minute, Tyra Branks made billions from her lucrative brain child, America's Next Top Model. It seems every other Supermodel is having a Eureka moment on how to turn their experience as a Supermodel into  lucrative income while on retirement! Bravo.

Here's a little bio on Helena Christensen. She's Danish born, former Creative Director for Nylon Magazine, ex- love of Michael Hutchens of INXS, the gorgeous woman in Chris Issak's smash video, Wicked Games , Victoria Secret Angel, and now, Photographer.

Helena recently teamed up with Swarovski and formed a Model Search company. 
In her interview with Vogue UK, just last month,she candidly unveils the question, anyone whose ever seen a photograph of Helene has wanted to ask her , "What was is it like to be worshiped and adored for her ethereal beauty in Ads, Music Videos, Magazine, Campaigns! " This is the reason behind her decision to form 

in collaboration with billion dollar jewelry manufacturer, Swarovksi.

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