Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How do you manage to get us so well Viv ?

okay, Vivienne Westwood is simply AWEsome!!! This is a woman who, I can only imagine, still  has the most brilliant designs in brain . Her creative inspiration seems limitless. I love layers. Always have. I love place my personal stamp on my oufits. Sometimes, I even use my skirts as a tub tops. I wear skirts over my jeans, shorts or even on another skirt. You get the point, fashion for me is a very emotional thing.

Here's a peek at her Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Bold, Organic, brilliant off-shoulder printed sweaters, print/ knitted stocking. OMG. .mmmmm. we love. This gets the Boho stamp of approval.

sex appeal should always be organic.

brilliant coat

i love blue rose on brown silk .

those shoes! hmmm.

for the artist in some of us :)

love the sword shorts. click here to get ONE!

look at those shoes! heart!

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